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Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame is becoming so fashionable to the people now a day. It looks so updated, modern, elegant and more inexpensive than other regular or common old-fashioned bed frames. Moreover, it reduces the presence of box spring and provides more support to the mattress than any other mattress base. Although you have the option to attach box spring by your own choice if you want. Platform bed comes with different styles of modern studio style, upholstered platform bed style to enhance the looks of your room.  It also offers extra space facility, footboard, headboard, underneath storage space and so on.

The bed is one of the core staff of any house. It represents the elegance of your master room. Obviously, we don’t allow décor our home with some creepy base.  So you need to be careful and take time before placing the order. It’s not easy even for an experienced online buyer to find the suitable platform bed for their home. Because, at first you need to look over thousands of products with different sizes, designs, and structure available in the store. Then you need to analyze the quality, persistence, key features, other pros, and con. And finally the price of the bed, whether it is in your budget or not.

Like other people, I also face those challenges at the first time when I place the order for buying a platform bed.  Here I am to share my personal experiences and grab the moment to help you out. After consuming hundred and fifty hours evaluating hundreds of design I suggest you the Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame with the tufted button as the best-upholstered platform bed available in the market. It is classy, more supportive and less expensive. The materials are so sturdy & easy to assemble.

An overview of the company

Zenus Incorporation is very popular brand in the sweeping industry. It is almost ruling more than twenty years and already gained great customer support & feedback for its exclusive service. Zenus focuses not only on the business but also customer demands too. It made products which fulfill customer demands within a reasonable budget. That’s why people are very much fond of this brand.  Especially when it comes about platform bed frame, I suggest nothing is better than Zenus. It not only confines itself in making of bed frames. If you visit their site, you will see plenty of sleeping products with varieties of quality and size. Beside mattress foundation, you will get soft & cushy mattresses, basements & other home décor foundation, pillow, cushion etc.Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame

In simple word, Zenus is an eco-friendly and customer supportive brand. So you can experience great service from them. One of the vital reasons that bring this brand to our top pick is the responsive procedure. If you have any question or confusion related to the products, you can simply ask them or chat with their customer agent. They will response & solve your problem within a minute. Isn’t it so cool, is it?

Key Features OF Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame


This upholstered platform bed looks very classical, elegant and stylish. Once you place it in your bedroom it takes the spotlight. The bed comes with cushy and flexible upholstered button tufted headboard that looks so gorgeous and comfortable. It comes in taupe color; it is very much catchy and fits very stylish with the modern & classical home décor both. The upholstered side is covered with long-lasting polyester cotton fabric. Zenus already made lots headboard or upholstered bed but none contains accurate slat spacing and storage design like Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame.


We don’t pick up this as our first choice as easy as you think. Moreover, it proves its ability. The bed is sturdy and supportive. It raises the mattress as high as 14 inches and holds it by ten solid wooden slats. The slats are made of solid pine and keep enough space among each slat to protect the mattress from sliding or any kind of harm that spoils sleeping environment.  There are also four supportive rails that hold the bed from the surface and keeps fifteen inches of underneath space for storage. The supportive rails are wrapped with a plastic pad that keeps the floor from scratching.

Materials & structure

The Zenus platform beds are so unique and elegant superior that provides sturdy structure & high-quality materials to fit the mattress. It brings new ideas to the design that meets customers’ needs and lows down their costs. Zenus always focuses on pioneering comfortability and durability than other brands. This platform bed comes with ten wooden slats and four feet to support the mattress. The slats & feet are made of solid wood. Moreover, it offers tufted headboard, low profile footboard & side panels. Each is covered with soft stitched fabric and finished with royal Espresso leather. The wooden stats are three inches wide and keep two to three inches distance from every slat. It is the standard measurement for the mattress protector.

Smart shipment

If it is your first experience at online then you be a little bit confused to see the shipment. Zinus provides the finest shipment I have ever seen. Normally it comes with a LED tv box. When you cut the box you will find just a headboard. But don’t worry! Unzip the plastic and shift back the Upholstered Headboard. You will discover everything you need to adjust including footboard, frame & slats except the mattress.Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame


Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame is also ready for use in twin, full & king sizes too. Each is convenient and lightweight. The wooden slats designed and kept in a way so that it could tighten the mattress with the body weight.

Easy to assembly

Zenus gets the simplest assembly process. It just takes less than ten minutes to assemble the parts in just a single hand without any furniture related knowledge. The dimension of Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame is as large as 87.5 x 65 x 44.5 inches & only 80 pounds. All you just need 10 minutes to set up this bed frame. Just unzip the shipment bag; you will see everything that needs to assemble.

Underneath bed space

If you are looking for a platform bed with storage for keeping extra baggage in there, then I will explain to you how high the legs are. Each foot of Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame is 8 inches long but there are extra 7 inches which contain the side panels. So you will get 15 inches high storage capacity under the bed frame. You can keep your briefcase or suitcase easily there.


Like every model, Zinus provides five years warranty on the products forms the day of purchasing. It takes two to three days shipment the products after placing the order in the Amazon. The price is very reasonable. Zenus always thinks about customers’ pocket.

Slat spacing

Slat spacing is very important. Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame has two to three inches slat spacing among every wooden slat and it can hold up to five hundred pounds. You need to be careful in this field. If you need to lead heavyweight than 500 pounds maybe this isn’t the perfect product you seek for. The slats are so sturdy to hold the weight of sleepers and mattress both, so you don’t need box springs.


             Mind-blowing design

             The body is so supportive & sturdy

             Doesn’t crack or make the harsh sound

             Accurate slat spacing and good slat capacity

             The headboard is well cushioned

             High structure materials & convenient


Nothing in this world is free from flaws but these do not trust breakers. Let’s see:

          ⊗ Doesn’t fit for California king size mattress

          ⊗ Cannot hold more than 500 pounds

          ⊗ Lack quality of panels

Mattress recommendation

Sound sleep depends on the flexibility of the mattress. The standard measurement of a mattress for this bed lies between eight to twelve inches. This measurement is very important. If the size exceeds the standard measurement, the appearance of the headboard will recede, the mattress will start sliding & spoil the sleeping environment. If the size lowers than standard, you will face problems to fit inside the frame. So mattress size is very important. A little bit change can bring a lot of difference.

Final verdict

If you are looking for upholstered headboard platform bed with storage on a mid-range budget then get Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame just at $220. You will never enjoy a sound sleep over the expensive mattress if the platform frame doesn’t go well. So the main reason I come up with the review of Zinus Upholstered queen bed frame is to show you the best platform beds of the market by presenting important key features like design, holding capacity, materials, slat spacing and so on. Plus I share you my own experience. So if you choose this bed to buy, you will definitely enjoy a good experience and get a good value for your money.




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