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platform bed frame with storage

Hello! Welcome to you the world of the bed frame. Are you looking for the best bed frame and researching through internet which one to get? Or have you ever experienced a sweet sleep with the best bed frame?

So why not you buy the best platform bed frame with storage manufactured by Zinus. Over the 25 years of experience, they manufactured the bed frame successfully.

Zinus is popular and committed to providing their customers a quality product with great comfort. They also provide you their platform bed frame with storage at an affordable price rate as well.

The 18 Inch Premium Platform Bed Frame is 100% steel frame that proves it strong and durable. This modern frame becomes the best choice to customer especially tall guy because of a bit taller than others bed frames.

Well, I will review the Zinus 18 Inch Premium Platform Bed Frame such a way that you can absolutely able to understand all about this product. So here is the best Premium Platform Bed Frame With Storage for 2017 and reviews. Read on…..

Special features and specification of Platform Bed Frame With Storage:

Every product is highlighted by its features and specifications. Zinus 18 Inch Premium Bed Frame is not different to others. It also comes with some outstanding features and specification that makes it different from the others.

Below I will try to mention some special features and specification that helps you to enrich the basic knowledge about this sturdy bed

platform bed frame with storage

frame by zinus.

Specification and features:

This Premium Platform Bed Frame comes in different sizes that are available for your needs.

Color: you will find this bed frame black in color.

Brand and model no: It is manufactured by Zinus, and the model no is OLB-SB13-18F.

Product dimension: 75 (L) x 54 (w) x 18 (H) inches

Item weight: 33.3 pounds

Shipping Weight: 38.5 pounds

Special features:

          ● The Premium 18 Inch bed frame eliminates the demand for a traditional box spring and bed frame

          ● Platform Bed Frame

          ● Features a folding design for easy storage

          ● Strong and steel mattress support

What is about Zinus 18 Inch Premium Platform Bed Frame?

Generally, a platform bed known as a lower profiled bed frame consists of slatted or flat, mattress support surface.

It is designed such a way that you can place any type of mattress. This bed frame needs no mattress foundation to fit like a box spring.

The 18 Inch, Premium Platform Bed Frame by Zinus, is a simplified and elegant platform choice that offers you sturdy and durable structure.

It is mentioned earlier that Zinus manufactures over 25 years their best product for your bedroom décor.

They will provide a very comprehensive line of platform bed frame with storage. So Zinus 18 Inch Premium Platform Bed Frame is one of the best of Zinus products for your beauty sleep.

platform bed frame with storage

Why Best Use For?

The Zinus 18 Inch Premium Platform Bed Frame becomes a bit different from the others because of their taller bed frame. So the tall guy becomes the best use of this bed frame for their extra height.

Also, the tall bed seems to be quite popular nowadays. It really has taken the bed world by offering their class features.

Another great thing that makes best for the user is that they do not need any major tools to assemble them. So they are very easy to assemble anywhere in your house.

Zinus 18” platform bed frame with storage reviews:

In this review, you will find what kind of support and comfort you might get from this bed frame. Also, you know the quality of this mattress.

Here we highlight the important consideration that ensures the quality of this strong and sturdy bed frame. Here are these necessary features with the description given below:

The firmness of the strong bed frame:

The Zinus 18” platform bed frame features a steel frame that makes it sturdy. It does not squeak. This bed frame is perfect if you have memory foam mattress and you think it is too heavy.

It can support successfully any kind of mattress with height and weight.

The comfort level of platform bed frame with storage:

The Zinus 18” platform bed frame known as the Sleep Master because of extra comfort that it offers than a traditional box spring bed.

Premium Smart Base Mattress Frame

The top class quality full size bed frame is ideal for your bedroom or the guest room. This Double bed frame has increased elegance compared to any existing decor.

platform bed frame with storage


All of the points of attachment are engineered to be as strong and minimal as possible. Strong and sturdy steel construction, multiple points are of good quality metal platform bed frame ensures heavy duty, increases stability and eliminates the sagging of mattress.

Free of Noise

Though frame bed is of metal it doesn’t make any noise, no creaking, no squeaking, no any sounds. Zero mattress slippage at the time of sleeping

Huge Under-bed Storage

18 Inches of height with 17 Inches of clearance under the frame for 4 extra Inches of under-bed storage space to store anything you like. You can store plenty of boxes and knick-knacks, bins and shoes and even short drawers easily under this huge size bed frame.

Installation Advise

The bed frame comes with flat-packed in one box for easy home assembly, no Additional Tools Required. Very much convenient and easy to set up.

– Check the pack and make sure you have all the parts listed.

– Check the user manual to fit the frame parts exactly.

Size of the strong bed frame:

The measurement and size of this bed frame are amazing for all of us. It provides an extra storage and works well with 6, 8 and 10 inches of platform bed frame.

Though it is 18 inches, it features 17 inches under its frame. This bed frame is different to others when it comes to underneath storage space while the others will provide just 13 inches of space underneath.

Design of the sturdy bed frame:

The Zinus 18” platform bed frame features a folding design. The legs of this bed frame come with plastic caps that protect your floor from scratching.

Price and quality:

It comes with a little bit more costly than other bed frames, but it is reasonable. But if you considering the quality, then it is not too expensive. It is worth the value.

Easy to put together:

It is a bonus feature as it is so easy to put together. It comes in two large folded pieces. So you can flip upside down, unfold and then attached with two wing nuts and two long bolts.

It takes a little time to assemble or disassemble and features a zero mattress slippage.

Weight limit:

The weight limit of this bed frame is about 2400 pounds. It can evenly distribute the weight whatever else you put on top of it.

The Advantage of using zinus platform bed frame with storage:

The zinus 18” platform bed frame with storage becomes an increasingly popular choice as a bed frame. This type of bed frame known as a game changer. Here are some advantages of using this product given below:


            First, it comes with less than 1/3 of the price considering the box spring traditional bed frame

            that is light in weight and more compact than box spring frame

           It offers you an unbelievable amount of under bed storage

           This features a very strong setup and has no squeaking

           You can attach a headboard or footboard to this frame


          ⊗ A little costly than others

          ⊗ Features an Inaccurate sizing and design flaw

Warranty and Support:

It comes with worry free 5-year limited warranty. The warranty of the Manufacturer can be requested from customer service.As we are the creator we are committed to Quality. So, because of the premium quality, we are confident enough to provide you 5 Years Warranty by Zinus and we are always dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction 24/7.

Customer Reviews

There are plenty of reviews placed on Amazon. Among the many customers claim that this one is good value for money.

I research on the internet before I decided to buy this product and I find most of the feedback is positive. However, I also find some people with negative views where the use of Zinus 18 Inch Premium Platform Bed Frame, in general, is not for them.


Thanks for reading it and I really prospect, that you set it very useful. If you have any counsel for this review, then you can say it in the comment section. And I also hope that I will be efficient to favor you. And I desire that you could share your experience with your own product.




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