Zinus Platform Bed frame Queen Upholstered Diamond Stitched With Wooden Slat Support

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/5 on October 17, 2017

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Are you looking for a Diamond Stitched platform bed frame queen supported wooden slat? Do you here for buying the bed? If your answer is yes, then I want to give you suggestion that you must look very carefully while you place an order. If you are new to online shopping, then it is a little bit tough to choose which one will be perfect for you. Because your bed is not just only a furniture which only used for sleeping, it’s a spotlight for your bedroom. As you are spending your most part of life in this bed, so you must think wisely before purchasing. If you choose a wrong product that will waste your money and sleeping mood also.

So do not place a wrong order and do not worry about to choose your bed, because we are here for you. We try to give our best for finding the best platforms for our customer’s bedroom. We will provide you all sources that you can know how to pick up the right bed for your house from lots of models.

In the market, there are variable sizes and prices bed available. After spending lots of time on researching on bed product and searching hundreds of best models on the online store, I suggest you purchase Platform bed frame queenIt offers you a lot of features and specification and high-quality components also. It looks smart and gorgeous design. Now I will explain to you why this Zinus Upholstered bed frame attracts your eyes.

What is platform bed frame queen?

Before starting a review about platform bed frame queen with Wooden Slat Support, queen you just need to know about platform bed. It consists of small profiled mattress foundation frame that contains flat or slatted surface. This types of bed frame look very trendy and traditional among new customers. And a unique feature is that you can adjust easily any mattress over the frame smoothly. So it comes with also modern style suitable for your bedroom and decorates it with your own choice.

Zinus wood platform bed frame will transform your room with button tufted bed frame. It has no boxing spring and classically styled headboard comes with five years’ warranty.

Key features OF Platform Bed frame Queen :


Zinus Wood slat support bed platform design is pretty much unique that increase the beauty of your bedroom. It has no box spring. As Manufacturer remain enough space under the bed frame that you can keep your room clean & neat. It looks very elegant and classical design. It is perfectly designed for University/school/college hostel rooms, hotel room, guestroom, and bedroom. And its unique design makes your sleeping environment soundless and you really feel comfortable. After all overall design is solid & pure.

Construction Materials

It has durable body parts and high-quality materials. The headboard is 40 inches long. There are 4 legs to support.  This Wooden support upholstered diamond stitched platform bed will change the environment of your room.

Size & Colors

Basically, it comes in 4 sizes and one color (Grey). It is durable, light and long lasting product. Its bed frame dimensions 83.9 x 69.4 x 40.70 inches.

Easily setup and Durable

It is a common scenario to the people that they sometimes confused about to set up their platform bedroom in their home. But This platform bed with wooden slat support, Queen bed, you don’t worry about its set up problem. Once you unbox this each and every part is readable through your guidebook. IT takes less the half hours to assemble all the parts. So You just joint the metal frame and screw up each and every piece.

You can easily use it and shake it every angle as it provides long-term durability. Its wood is durable, strong and more powerful. And it is also supportive and noise free.

Affordable Pricing

If you are looking for a quality product on a tight budget, the platform bed with Wooden Slat Support is perfect for you. It’s a very affordable price that you can easily hold it. It comes only about $160.90.

Space efficient

If you have a small bedroom, having an upholstered bed is the first solution. It will save your large area in place of crowd your room. It’s far due to the minimal layout of upholstered beds. In addition, the performance of these beds in making small rooms look larger is clearly an excellent advantage to enjoy.platform bed frame queen


         ● This bed belongs to very famous brand named Zinus.

         ● It has 4 available sizes (Twill, Full, Queen, King)

         ● This is soft grey color.

         ● It is especially recommended for indoor use.

         ● Product dimensions L 83.9 * W69.4 * H 40.70 Inches

         ● Item weight 80 pounds.

Why best use for?

This upholstered bed frame is straightforward in design and cheaper than other models. So if you are searching for something unique at a low price, then it will the best use for yourself.  It is available in 4 sizes including small twin, full and queen & king size.  The Grey color frame looks very charming that fits in any place. The plastic wrapping under the feet cleans the tiles from any spot, and there is sufficient storage under the bed so that you can keep your luggage and bags here.

More information:

Everyone in this world deserves a peaceful sleep and magical night of sleep. So in this manner Zinus products design a special bed with unique design  Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support, Queen. This bed transforms your bedroom into a magical wind. Its classical style and strong wood frame, legs and wooden slats and headboard everything is easily assembled. As it has no need of spring boxing. With five years of tension-free warranty. This bed is another awesome innovation from Zinus that is support for your mattress.


       ✓ It is very Easy to assemble.

       ✓ Enough space underneath the bed.

       ✓ Powerful & weather resistant materials.

       ✓ Its transportation is very convenient.

       ✓ It available in 4 sizes,

       ✓ Provide for timely delivery and nice guaranteed during shipping.

       ✓ It has no box spring.

       ✓ You can use min 5 years without stress.

       ✓ It consists of soft button tufted dark grey.

       ✓ All of the parts are separated from the headboard, wood slats frame.

        Packaging is in very great shape.

       ✓ Structurally sound and looks very expensive.

       ✓ The fabric seems to sturdy.


         ⊗ If you are handling the package own, then it can be a bit heavier.

Warranty & Support of platform bed frame queen

When you buy this product you will get limited five years’ warranty and lifetime support. If any unwanted thing occurs during this period, you will surely get charge-free service. Ships in one carton that includes Wooden slats, legs, and frame. If you are an Amazon Prime member, then the shipment will be free, and order will deliver to your door within four days.

Product User Guide

There is four size platform bed frame queen available on the market. Here I put some product using a guideline for the buyer.

        ● As Assembly process is easier so it takes less than an hour for assembling.

       ● Nowadays people like a traditional It provides both services Wooden and platform bed. You can customize easily anytime.

       ● This Wood platform bed frame only cost $160.99. So before purchasing compare it with other brands.

       ● Check the body materials of the bed.

Final Verdict

Though it got some complaint from the customer you read every feature this bed offers you. So it contains very good and traditional looks design. And surely it creates a good impression on your guest. Whenever you want you would love to place it anywhere in your room.

After purchasing zinus platform bed frame queen you have to know how to good take care of this. It’s not easy to maintain its extra care to avoid staining and tearing. So for this solution use a regular vacuum that effectively removes bed bugs, dirt, and spills. You can clean easily using the damp cloth.

Thank you very much for reading this information. If you have any inquiry about this product, then you can ask it in the comment section. And I hope that after purchasing you will share your experience with your own opinion.



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