Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Wood Mattress Foundation Bed Frame Review

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/5 on September 17, 2017

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wood mattress foundation bed frame

Are you looking for some comfortable place for sleeping? If yes, then you are apparently looking for wood mattress foundation bed frame, aren’t you? Platform beds are beneficial mattress frame in the furniture world. Those days are now obsolete when people use box spring bed or foundation to put the mattress. Now it is the era of wood mattress foundation bed frame. These platform beds are very adjustable mattress bed frame to support your foam and latex mattresses.

Inside the furniture world, there is only one brand that ensures high-quality platform bed frame and that is Zinus. Zinus made world-class platform beds with an alluring and unique design. Among them, Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame is very affordable in price and comfortable for putting the mattress on it.  This wood mattress foundation bed frame will be great to spend your money on something which will pay back. And Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame does.  In this review, I will cover every details feature as possible. Price will reduce within few days on the next Amazon big sale event. If you want to buy just click here.

Specification of wood mattress foundation bed frame:       

Excellent delivery package

Once you buy it, the delivery package will reach your door within four days. You will be shocked after opening the delivery box.  The platform bed looks so big in the picture, but it comes with a small flat box. There is also an external box for the safety of internal package. But don’t worry you will get everything in a zipper. Just unzip it and see every essential part to keep the mattress over it. This feature makes the process so convenient to set up and easy to receive the product from the deliveryman.


This platform bed is very convenient to carry. In case of shifting house, you can just remove the mattress and convert the part into a small box. It reduces the area size and makes the body convenient to handle.

Assembly line up

Every part comes in a box. All you just need to unzip the box and assemble the parts. If you follow the guideline, it won’t take any longer than 30 minutes to amble the parts. You can do it alone yourself or take help from any of your friends. As it is a queen size platform bed and takes 46 pounds in weights so taking help from someone will be wiser.  To start assembly, at first, join the metal frames together. Then put the wooden slats over the metal frame one by one. Make sure that there should be enough space between each wood slats.  There is no head or foot board adjusted to this model. If you prefer a headboard platform bed, then look Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed here.

Unique Design

Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch wood mattress foundation bed frame is the least simple design than other ones, but it is unique in design that enhances the beauty of the room. You can use this mattress frame with a box spring or without it. But I suggest using it without any box. It looks better. Manufacturer keeps enough space under this platform bed frame so that you can keep any essential things like bags or tools under there. If you love simplicity, then Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch wood platform bed will be your best choice. It is 14 inches long and 13-inch width so that you can quickly adjust the mattress.

Affordable pricing

If you are looking for something precise with a limited budget, then this product is perfect for you. It is very affordable in price and provides good quality.

wood mattress foundation bed frame

Spacing under bed

There is enough space between the surfaces to the bed so that you can store unused things here. If you have children, then this will be a playing ground for them.  They like to play underneath the bed as I did a lot when I was a child.

Holding Capacity

Zinus platform 1500 Metal Bed Mattress Foundation can hold up to 500 pounds. It is enough for loading two fat people individually contains 250 pounds of weight.

High frame components

Zinus Modern Studio body frame builds by powerful steel body. The slats are also made of durable and long lasting woods.


Plastic feet adjust to every corner of the body frame. It increases the durability of the mattress frame. Moreover, efficient mattress support facility reduces sliding and tough mattress life.

Special Features of wood mattress foundation bed frame :

wood mattress foundation bed frame (2)

14-inch long foundation bed that supports any mattress

You can use it with box spring for extra facility

Robust steel body frame and high-quality wood slats

Easy assembly system( just take 10 minutes)

Plastic wraps the feet of the corners to save the floor/tiles from any scratch

Weight: 50 pounds, Dimension: 75 x 54 x 10

What is the product?

After analyzing every feature of this product, I can assure you that Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame is the best adjustable mattress bed frame with a simple design and affordable rate. There is no head or feet board or box spring included in this bed. But the wooden slats are putting in such a distance that helps the mattress from slumping.

Why Best Use For?

This wood mattress foundation bed frame is straightforward in design and cheap than other competitive models. So if you are single and searching for something unique at a low price, then it will the best use for yourself.  It is available in 5 sizes including small twin, twin, full, and queen & king size.  The black color frame looks very charming that fits in any place. The plastic wrapping under the feet cleans the tiles from any spot, and there is sufficient storage under the bed so that you can keep your luggage and bags here.

Short Description

It is effortless to assemble and convenience to form moving through a corridor and upper floor easier. In one work it is another great production from Zinus.

Pros & Cons

Every product has some positive & negative feature. Here I am showing you every pros & con about this mattress frame so that you can quickly decide whether buy it or not.

wood mattress foundation bed frame


             Unique design

             Steel frame doesn’t screech

             Adjustable mattress bed frame

             Easy to assemble the parts. Only takes less than 30 minutes

             Convenience for moving through a corridor and upstairs


               Narrow spacing between wooden slats

              ⊗ The slats are a little bit thick than expectations

Warranty & Support

If you purchase this product, you will get full consumer support from the manufacturer. If you have any inquiry about this product, you can frequently ask them and their agent will response within 2/3 minutes.  Plus Zinus will give five years warranty, so you don’t need to worry. Zinus doesn’t only manufacture mattress frame but also very creative in producing mattresses, bases & Foundation, pillows, toppers and so on. For browsing more product you can visit here: https://goo.gl/DehME9

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then the shipment will be free, and order will deliver to your door within four days.


Thanks for reading it and I really prospect, that you set it very useful. If you have any counsel for this review then you can say it in the comment section. And I also hope that I will be efficient to favor you. And I desire that you could share your experience with your own best bed frame.




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