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zinus mattress bed frame

Are you searching for a flexible place for your sound sleep? If your answer is yes, then you are definitely searching for a bed. Want zinus mattress bed frame? In the furniture world, Platform beds are beneficial zinus mattress bed frame. When people are used to boxing spring bed or foundation to put the mattress those days are gone. Now, this is the perfect time for Easy assemble mattress foundation bed frame. This bed frame is a very adjustable mattress bed that support your foam and mattresses.

When talks about your home furniture, then bed frames are an important issue. So you need to consider before purchasing the best one for your bedroom. There is much good bed frame brand but the good news is that Zinus bed frames are available in the market that full fill your all demand. Zinus made world class unique design furniture. Zinus mattress bed frame (Twin) 14-inch smart base is very comfortable and affordable and its Amazon store price are only $59.

What is the measurement of Twin platform bed frame?

If you are new to online purchasing or old one you may not be certain about the bed frame sizes and may be confused about it. So before starting the review I just like to share an important era with you. Do you know the original measurement of twin size bed frame?  As there are lots of sizes available in the market among them twin box spring bed frame is so much demandable and preferable to the customers. This bed is suitable for your bedroom, guest room and everywhere. It’s actually 14-inch-long and 12.5-inch space under the bed frame. By Zinus it’s a new easy assemble solution. It no needs a box frame in a traditional frame.

More information of zinus mattress  bed frame

You can enjoy strong, sturdy support your spring memory foam with an easy assembly smart base that available in twin, king queen. There are several parts in bed frame They are called in A, B, C, D, E, F, G parts. Available pieces are Alien Wrench 1- pcs, A- 2 pcs, B- 1 pcs, C- 6 pcs, D-16 pcs, E- 4 pcs, F- 12 pcs & G- 6 pcs. After fixing all the parts of bed frame simply place the mattress top of your bed frame and enjoy your good night’s sleep. This easy assemble smart base provides enhanced mattress support, Easy assembly, portability and 12.5 inches underneath bed storage. No tools needed. It’s a next-generation bed frame with mattress foundation, hybrid mattress, latex, memory foam, reliable support for your spring, quiet and strong.

 Key Features of zinus mattress  bed frame:


This twin box spring bed frame is very elegant and classic design and sturdy components with smart base mattress support. It is a very much compact design that allows for a tight design like doorways and staircases. Its Sturdy steel provides strong support.

High-quality materials:

This bed frame is constructed of high-quality steel frame materials. If you want to solve your lice and insect problems, then this metal platform bed frame is perfect. It’s very durable and stronger than other materials.zinus mattress bed frame


You know, sometimes size matters. Various ranges of sizes to meet your customers’ requirements. So it’s necessary to know standard sizes for the frame. So zinus mattress bed frame is here for twin size. There are lots of sizes available like Narrow Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. Its height is 14 inches and 12.5-inch space available under the bed frame for bed storage. Its product dimension is 38 x 75 x 14 inch. And its Weight is 25.6 pounds.


This platform bed is very handy to carry. In case of shifting house, you can simply eliminate the mattress and convert the component into a small box. It reduces the region length and makes the frame convenient to deal with.

Easy to setup

It is very much easy to setup and clean. Its every part is made in easy formatted anyone can set up within less than an hour. Its basic setup component is simple and strong. Through proper care, it can last longer.


It each and every part is very much portable. As it consists of 48 small and long parts. All of the parts are strong and not so much weight.

Excellent delivery package

After purchasing your delivery happened within four to five days’ time frame and you will be surprised while opening your box. As your bed frame looks big on the sight, but it comes to much smaller parts into a box. You also find an external box that is safe for the internal package. After unzipping you will find every essential part to keep your mattress over it. This smart feature makes the method so convenient to easily set up and receives the product from the deliveryman.

Good Pricing

This product is very much competitive pricing. It only cost low. So what do you think? You just get a quality product only for just low. Isn’t it so cool?

Shipment and Warranty

The manufacturer of this twin size provides 5 years limited warranty and lifetime support. Its packaging process is too much smart and you will love it. It takes 4 to 5 days for the shipment of the product at your door. It’s now on Amazon store stock.


           ● It has 7 available sizes.zinus mattress bed frame

          ● Item weight 25.6 pounds

          ● Its product dimensions 38 x 75 x 14 inch

          ● 14-inch-high with 12.5 inches under storage.

          ● Several points of contact on the floor.

          ● The demand for traditional bed frame and box spring is eliminated.

          ● Innovative design with long-lasting steel frame materials.

          ● No box spring.

          ● While facing a problem, contact the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons:

Zinus platform bed frame box spring replacement spring, Twin has some pros and cons.


             The fabric is very much sturdy and low stress.

             Powerful and weather resistance.

             No need to use any tool for setting your bedding.

             Easy assemble frame for mattress foundation.

             Its long-run durability for a steel frame and main protection of the mattress.

             Innovative design for doorways and staircases in tight spaces.

             There are several contact points for the flooring.

             It’s a revolutionary mattress foundation bed frame for next- generation platform bedding

                    experience with smart technology.

             Noise-free supports reliable and durable.


         ⊗ It may result in discomfort when the user may hit his legs on the tough sides if the frame does not

               match the size of the mattress.

         ⊗ It may be noisy while kids will be using this frame.

         ⊗ Might not be good usability for overweight people.

Buyer User Guide

There is seven size bed available on the market. Here I put some buyer using a guideline:

         ● As an easy assembly, it takes less than an hour for assembling.

         ● Nowadays people like a traditional It provides metal platform bed. You can customize easily


          ● This frame only cost low So before purchasing compares it with other brands.

          ● Check the body materials on the bed.

Final Verdict

Well, this twin box spring bed frame you can easily place it in your room and anywhere you place this it looks and takes the spotlight than other furniture in the room. As it contains nice traditional outlook design.


When it comes to comfort, style, and sturdiness, it’s miles more important to don’t forget the quality than the rate. In case you are presently in want of an amazing body that suits your bedroom needs, the correct body for you is the Zinus 14-inch Smart Base mattress basis with underneath-mattress space area. This isn’t always best worth the fee, however additionally a dependable sleeping product which could last as long as several years.

Understanding what you could assist you in deciding on the appropriate frame. In reality, it doesn’t rely on if you are buying the costly one. As long as you are considering the high-quality and toughness of the sleeping product, you could continually anticipate the body that you will purchase. Just keep in mind to consider Zinus mattress bed frames whenever you need a new one for your circle of relatives at domestic. And this is the most reliable brand and you can easily choose this metal bed frame.

So thank for reading this review I hope it is very useful to you.  And I desire that you will share your experiences.




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