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white full size bed frameNo one does not want to have a peaceful sleep. So everyone deserves a magical night with a magic rest. And for this sleep, you need a magical bed. Because it is the most important thing that allows you to sleep so soundly. And for the magical bed, you just need a best quality white full size bed frame. A sturdy white full size bed frame makes a foundation strong that supports a good quality mattress and provides your sleep a high level of satisfaction.

So do you need a comfortable bed? If your answer is yes, then I must suggest you should look very carefully before purchasing any bed. Because this bed is not the only furniture that you are going to use for sleep, it’s a clear spotlight on your bedroom, apartment, and your mental satisfaction level. So before placing your order must know about your white full size bed frame. If you place any wrong order that will waste your money and mood of sleeping. And if you are an infant in online purchasing then it is tough to choose a suitable product for your bedroom. There is a lot of branded and sizes product available in the marketplace that makes you confused about your purchasing decision. Here I try to give you the best suggestion that will help you to pick up your right product for your room decor.

After giving unlimited hours of analysis and research, I decide and suggest you pick this DHP Bombay metal white full size bed frame from thousands of models. Let’s have a good review of this product.

Why DHP Bombay bed

DHP Bombay bed quality materials are unique. And it has a great design and very well furnished design. It beds specially designed for every lifestyle. And it is a trusted manufacturer and it provides a minimum 1-year limited warranty from the date of your purchase.It is designed for every lifestyle with contemporary design for your bedroom, apartment, and kids. This bed provides you the comfort zone you wanted. So you may try this DHP Bombay white full size bed frame. This stunning bed frame is the British colonial era detailed furniture.


Unique Traditional Design

This white full size bed frame design is very much unique, but its design comes with a traditional base. It is crafted with fine detail and whimsical curves.  That fits very precisely anywhere in your children’s bedroom and guestroom also.

Good Ventilation System

The Bed company usually made their bed, but they sometimes do not care about that bed also need some ventilation to stay longer. So this white bed frame has a metal slat system that provides great ventilation. Each slat allows this bed, passing the fresh air underneath the bed freely. And the most important thing is that it keeps your mattress always fresh that stay your mattress longer and stronger.

Headboard and Footboard

Its white finish compliments provide a multitude of room decorations. This metal bed will be the main eye-catching point of your bedroom. Its headboard and footboard and rail material is aluminum.white full size bed frame

Sturdy and Attractive

The Bombay white full size bed frame is attractive and sturdy and very simple to put them together. Its center legs provide its body frame, extra added support, and slat system also good in quality that provides a good air flow.

Bed Frame (Color & Size)

DHP Bombay metal bed frame comes in two sizes. They are full and twin sizes. Its full-size metal body frame comes in a white color. This white color bed frame provides its extra eye-catching and attractive looking bed frame. Product dimensions are 56.5 inches wide, 77.5 inches’ length and 41.5 inches’ height. It has two height options like 11’ and 7” that is adjustable.

High-Quality Material

Quality material is very much needed for any types of product, and regarding bed frame, there is knows no law. Your bed frame material must be strong and good quality. And this bed frame comes with all the good quality materials that provide its bed frame long lasting lifestyle.

Easily Assemble

Its body frame is not so heavier. And it’s comparatively very simple to put together all the parts. It took 1 hours to assemble all the parts. There has a clear guideline for this bed frame assemble.


You can easily move it and shake it every angle that provides a long-term durability. Its metal frame is strong, durable and more powerful. And it is noise free and supportive in quality.

Good Price

By its quality, this bed frame product price is not so much high. Its product price is quite good. That comes only $153. And if you are a premium member of Amazon than it will give you extra level offer.

Excellent Delivery Package

After purchasing it, the delivery package is very much unique all the parts come in one box. Headboard, footboard, rail materials and full body frame come with one box and tools are included with them.

Warranty and shipment

While purchasing this White bed frame a few years, limited warranty comes with an apparently lifetime support also come. If something unwanted happens in this period, then you will get free services. The Shipment will go on one cartoon. And premium member will find free shipment. And order will be delivered to your doorstep within four days.


              Product dimension – 56.5 W* 77.5 L* 41.5H inches

             ● Carton Dimensions- 28W* 60 L * 3.5 H inches

             ● Item weight – 63.8 pounds

             ● Shipping weight- 64 pounds

              Full weight limit – 450 lbs

              Manufactured by Dorel Home Furniture.

              Material type is Metal and sturdy that include finial detail.

              Its size is Full

             ● Color- White.

              Vintage design that includes Metal slats.

             ● The design is traditional formatted.

              For support center legs available.

             ● Excellent ventilation.

              No additional foundation needs.

             ● No box spring.

              Two adjustable height options.

              Shipped in one box

Pros and cons:

Like every product, this Bombay metal bed frame has some pros and con. But its advantage is very much instead of its disadvantages. So these White Full-size bed frame pros and con gave below:


              For metal slat, it allows air pass and keeping the mattress longer.

              Bed assembly is very much quick.

              Ships in only one box.

              Parts and hardware labeled.

             Good in size and weight

             High-quality material

             Nice and rich looking design

            Sturdy and well made


            Traditional layout.

            Some minor difficulty attaching bed rails with footboard and headboard.

About Brand

DHP denotes Dorel Home Products is a part of Dorel Industries. It mainly operates in the home product markets, bicycles and juvenile products. This made a world-class innovation and branded furniture that includes safety. It also makes imported furniture and the domestic product they produced. Worldwide it has approximately 10,000 employees. It holds the leading position in safety and lifestyle products. With traveling the whole globe, they find the top materials and best trends utilize in their product.

Product User Guide

This twin size bed available on the market. Here I put some guideline for the buyer after purchasing this product this will help him/her.

Assembly takes one hour.

This white full size bed frame comes the only cost of $153. So before making a purchasing decision surely compare it with other brands available in the market.

Check all the body materials properly in that bed.

Accurately follow the instruction of the manual guideline that comes with that product.

Final Verdict

The thought is having a few complaints about its headboard and rail bed attaching problem. The manufacturer will try to fix this problem as soon as possible and will provide you the perfect error free bed frame.


Last, of all, I want to thank you for your excellent decision that you have chosen this white full size bed frame. This bed frame expands your sleeping performance and gives you a high level of satisfaction. Whenever you want, you can place it in your room.

Thank you very for having a look at this product review. So if you face any problem and want to know anything else inevitably ask in the comment section. And after purchasing the product care with us your experience and own opinion.


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