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With the beginning of latest equipment in bed construction has come appropriate support guidelines you need to obey concerning your mattress care and protection. Foams are known as well renowned sleep surface for comfort because of how well they allow to help abound weight and reduce pressure points. Unluckily, this equipment also can simply break down and compress when not supported correctly.

The platform bed frame is designed to support the bed/mattresses that use foam assembly. It comes with sleek, less expensive, design than more standard bed frames.

I was a little bit confused what would be the best bed frame for my mattress? After researching a lot, I finally found the answer and decide to buy platform bed frame for my mattress to its best support. In this guide, I will summarize what is a platform bed frame and explain many other related questions that you need.


What is a platform bed frame?

A platform bed frame is a bed frame that supports a bed or mattress either with a slat or a rigid piece of the wood system. Platform bed frame has been around for a long since and it is becoming the frame of choice for many of the mattress users. There are a wide variety of styles and sizes of platform bed frames. They can be categorized into two primary materials: a) metal platform bed frame and b) wood platform bed frame.

  1. a) Metal platform bed frames:

A sheet or tubular steel construct metal platform bed frames. They lack the requirement for re-staining repainting and other types of protection. They also need the sophisticated feel of wood. Metal platform bed frames come with headboards and footboards. They can simply be the platform itself, and the absolute simplicity makes them perfect for many of us.

There is nothing wrong with the appealing touch of the metal platform bed frame here and there, for example, canopy for curtains, veils or decorations. You might love to leave your canopy opened, just to appreciate the absolute artistry of the metal platform bed frame.

  1. b) Wood platform bed frame:

A wood platform bed frame is constructed of mahogany, cherry, maple, rosewood, teak, pecan, dark walnut, honey oak and more. They can be built by secondary woods as well, but as durable and veneered or colored to look like any other kind of wood.

You will run into terms like cappuccino, natural, black and others when it comes to shopping for a wood platform bed frame. It implies that they are made of sturdy wood or particleboard and painted or in a different way cosmetically changed to look different. All of those options can be alluring, according to your choice of taste and depend on the modern décor of the bedroom it will stay in.

How to build a platform bed frame:

I will suggest you think again if you are planning to buy a platform bed frame. You can make a platform bed frame by yourself and can save hundreds of dollars. If you have a step by step guideline how to make a platform bed frame on your own, it would be a lot easier and not hard at all.

Nowadays if you see in the market, an ordinary platform bed frame can cost you over a thousand dollar or more. It is not too hard to make a platform bed frame if you have a solid plan. Here is a breakthrough for you. You need some plywood for the structure of a platform bed frame. If you want to have some drawers in your bed frame, just carved some close opening on the side of the bed and install one.

The first step is to have good solid ideas when it comes to making a platform bed frame. Then you need to select which model that you prefer. It seems to a fun stage when making a bed frame because you can decide what type of layout you want for your bedroom. After that, you need to collect the materials to implement your plans for making a platform bed. Before you start making it would be useful to have a solid idea which will let you know what type of materials you need. However, you will not invest in anything which may lead you to over buying those materials.

Once you have your plywood ready, also ensure that you will bring the measurement tapes with you as you can cut the plywood according to your plan specification. I suggest you to ask the lumber supplier to do it for you. You will find some lumber supplier who provides such type of service.

At last, follow the instructions to make a platform bed frame successfully. You will have to remember that planning is the important steps in this process before you intended to go through all the above steps. Having a good plan will lead you a make a bed platform.


What reviews are there for platform bed frame?

According to my research, I found 17 remarkable reviews at Amazon. Everyone gives this bed frame a score of 5 out of 5. This will make a platform bed frame one of the top rated products:

Here are some of the reviews by consumers:

  • Incredible bed for the money (the picture doesn’t do it fairness)
  • This bed is pretty beautiful and reliable. The construction is sturdy and durable. It is as well finished and attractive in the parts that display as in the ones that do not.
  • That is an alluring piece of furniture
  • Purchased two of these bed frames. They are very easy to assemble.
  • I desired to mark the bed in the color of my choice instead of trying to match colors in the shops
  • I bought this frame, stained and added polyurethane to it and it came out quite marvelous.
  • Very supportive bed frame for my mattress
  • It is quite easy to assemble and easy to stain
  • I love this bed frame for my bedroom décor
  • Great bucks for the money!

You will find a lot more like these. The platform bed frame is one of the top choices that I have ever seen.


Final word:

The styles of the platform bed frame reflect the modern styles of home furnishings. The platform finds its name due to the way the mattress is placed in the middle of the piece. The frame is designed to stay low to the ground. You can buy the platform bed like a traditional piece. Some advantages of platform bed frame are:

  • The classy design of a platform bed frame keeps the bed/mattress sufficiently off the ground while making storage space under the bed.
  • Their modern design is a comfortable fit into nearly any theme.
  • Their well-built framework makes them most liked and user-friendly to the consumers among others out on the market.

I hope this has helped clear up the question, “what is a platform bed frame” and related many other questions or confusion. However, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below!

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