The Best Twin Metal Platform Bed Frame For Your Kid’s Bedroom

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twin metal platform bed frame

Welcome to my latest review of the best-selling foundation bed on Amazon. This time I choose something unique. Most of my readers’ complained that I always care about adult’s sleep and avoid kids. A sound sleep is more important for a child’s health than adults. So I did an exclusive research and represent you the best quality twin metal platform bed frame from thousands of item for your kids. Sit tight and read the whole review. It will help you to make the choice for your kid’s sound sleep.

And one thing, don’t forget to do your own homework. Before purchasing anything read the level and description carefully.

A bed frame is not only sleeping component but also the focal point of your bedroom. It can enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. Some make the room comfortable and some look stylish in design. In a word, a bed frame creates the infrastructure of your bedroom where the mattress is just a piece of cake. In addition, a bed frame indicates our sleeping position & longevity of the mattress life. So you have to consider several factors before making any purchasing decision.

It may look so simple to pick up the right one for you but most of the customers get confused to choose the right one from lots of options. That’s why I’m here. After contributing hundreds of hours behind shorting the best twin size bed frame, I recommend the Black Twin Size Metal Platform Bed for your kid’s bedroom. It’s sturdy, inexpensive, more supportive and very lastly it only takes few minutes to assemble or disassemble.

THE Black Twin Size Metal Platform Bed

Kingplex foundation bed newly arrived in the market. I recently purchased it for my kid and already impressed me on the first day of use. It is very flexible & easy to assemble. I think I make a great decision. It contains several exclusive features including the powerful base, sturdy slat board, stainless steel body, durable supportive legs and so on. This bed frame comes in twin size bed frame & fit for any type of foam, mattress or spring. The stainless steel body is very durable and supportive for the longevity of your mattress. It doesn’t sink like wooden construction body.

Furthermore, if you looking for a bed that offers headboard & footboard board both or don’t want to buy it separately then this platform bed foundation will be your best solution. I also compare the price with other relevant products of the market. The product is very high-quality and reasonable. All the parts come in a single zippered bag. It is easy to move, assemble & trust-worthy. So if you want to spend your money on something useful, just go through this twin metal platform bed frame & purchase kingplex.  Once you get the package in your hand, you should have no confusion left.

Features of twin metal platform bed frame

Supportive & Durability

THE Black Twin Size Metal Platform Bed Frame is very durable & supportive. It has two side rails & two extra center legs to support the foundation from the surface. And also it spans the mattress longevity. It confines the mattress inside foundation & inhibits sliding. But remember; this is a twin metal platform bed frame so use twin size mattress to confine itself inside the frame, otherwise, you can’t feel sleeping over it.

Moreover, the construction material is very strong & powerful. I give further information about the construction materials below. Therefore, the whole body is coated with black metal powder. It protects the bed from temperature & moisture; so that you can use it for a long time. Manufacturer not only thinks about their product but also takes care of your house. The legs are wrapped in black powder; it keeps the floor from any kind of scratch.

Easy to assemble & disassemble

You may seem astonishing to me when you see the package reach your door. The twin size bed frame comes in the single box including one headboard & footboard, two side rails & supportive rails, one middle support plate, sixteen slats, screws & a manual book. Just unwrap the bag and bring out all tools you need to set up the foundation. The manual contains detail instruction of assembly. Follow the direction; it takes five to ten minutes to screws up all the parts.

Construction materials

The twin size bed frame is very powerful & long-lasting. The overall body of the frame is made of sturdy steel materials. The foot & headboards, slats, basement, middle & side rails are constructed of steel materials and coated with anticorrosive black powder component. It ensures the frame to serve for a long duration. Besides also, steel slats are more durable than wooden slats. The twin size bed frame comes with 16 steel slats which will never sink like other mattress foundation.

Underneath storage

Underneath spaces of the bed allows keeping essential things there. The twin metal platform bed frame offers thirteen inches underneath bed clearance so that you can make your storage bin in here.

Unique design

Foundation bed is the key point of your bedroom. Sometimes an extraordinary design of bed enhances the outlook of your bedroom. The twin metal platform bed frame offers in black curved steel design to the customer. It definitely shifts the boredom from your bedroom.

twin metal platform bed frame


This foundation bed is only available in twin size in the market. The overall dimension is 77 x 38 x 13 inches which fit in your kid’s room. If you are looking a smart foundation bed for own self then this frame should be your best choice. Moreover, it is recommended sleeping for two persons. Size is so important cause it determines the size of the mattress. According to the size, I suggest using twin size mattress over the frame.

Footboard & headboard

If you looking for a single or twin size bedroom that offers both footboard & headboard or doesn’t waste money separately to buy it, then this bed frame will be your smart decision. It comes with a low-profile steel footboard & high-profile steel headboard. Once place it in your room, the overall outlook will be changed within a minute.


           Powerful & sturdy steel material ensures long-lasting service

           Alluring & unique black curved design fits any bedroom

          Underneath space helps to store essential things

           Flexible assemble & disassemble

          Black powder protects the body from moisture & temperature.


         ⊗ Sometimes the slats curve quickly because of extra pressure or overload

         ⊗ Some items or parts are missing in the package

How to pick up the right bed frame

Pick up the right bed frame is very crucial for decorating the bedroom and sound sleep. To select the right bed frame for your bedroom you need to determine some factors. These are:

◊ Size matters first. There are different types of size of bed frame are found in the market based on the manufacturer & customers’ choice. So first fix the size that fits in your bedroom.

 After determining the required size, buy a mattress based on the size. The purpose of using mattress is to confine the body in the  frame flexible. If you are buying a foundation frame for two people then choose a mattress that doesn’t exceed the size of the frame.

  After selecting frame & mattress size, price attracts my attention. Prices of bed frame vary from sizes, style, design, and materials & so on. Fix your budget before making any purchasing decision.

 ◊ Bed frame highlights your bedroom. So you should take extra care of the style & design of the bed frame. There are various designs are available on the market. Some follow traditional design, some follow modern & contemporary design. The choice of design depends on individual’s personal preference.

Final verdict

After analyzing every factor, I would suggest buying twin metal platform bed frame for decorating your bedroom. Nothing in this world is free from error. This twin size bed frame also has some positive and negative sides. But on average it is one of the best bed frames available in the online. If you have anything else to query or any information wants to share with us leave a comment in below. I will appreciate any kind of additional information from my readers


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