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twin bed frame

Are you feeling sick from your present mattress twin bed frame? Or do you confuse to find out the perfect platform bed for your sleep? If yes, I suggest you look at the beautiful and unique design of ZINUS comfortable, durable and metal & wood platform bed. ZINUS Inc. has been carrying a good reputation for making indoor and outdoor exclusive design furniture for more than 20 years. Platform bed frames are its chief masterpiece.  It offers a huge range of quality goods to the customer according to their needs. Among them, ZINUS Contemporary Metal Wood Platform Bed is one of the best twin size bed frames. This wood platform bed offers a very reasonable price, excellent look & high-quality frame materials.

The twin bed frame is perfect matching for any place from a five starts hotel room to your bedroom. It will not waste your money.  You don’t need any extra assembly tools. The setup process is very flexible and absence of harsh sounds while moving the bed. The body materials are precious and less weighable than you think. Excitement news is that it can bear up to 1000 pounds.  In just some simple word I would suggest you that this twin size bed frame is the most comfortable place to pass the might to your bed partner.

So will this bed suit you? You will get the answer after reading the whole review I write about Contemporary Metal Wood platform Bed in below. Before writing every single word, I do enough research about this product from last two months. So your reading won’t spoil your time.

What is twin bed frame?

Before describing Contemporary Metal Wood platform Bed, you just need to gather knowledge about platform bed. The platform bed is small profiled mattress foundation frame that contains flat or slatted surface. You can adjust any mattress over the frame smoothly. Now, this type of beds looks very traditional and trendy among new customers. No doubt about Contemporary Metal Wood Platform Bed. It comes with modern style to decorate your room.

Key Features                                                 

High-quality Materials

Contemporary Platform bed by ZINUS consists of high-quality elements. The overall outer part constructs of metal design. There are metal screws to join the metal frames in a single foundation. These materials are so durable and sturdy that provides a sound free environment for the sleepers. The slats come out with the wooden board that supports any mattress. The wooden footboard & headboard looks very elegance and speechless.

Best delivery shipment

Did you ever order a bed via online? If you not you will get the best experience after ordering this bed. Naturally, it takes 4-5 days to reach your door after placing the order on Amazon. You will be shocked when you take the package from the delivery boy. The package looks like a LED TV, but when you open it, you will get a compartment box. It includes every parts & guidebook to assemble the bed. It is the better shipment process than other online furniture brands.

Easy to set-up

People often confuse to set up the platform bed at home. But when it comes to ZINUS Contemporary Platform bed you won’t face any problem. In fact, you don’t have any extra accessories to set-up.  Once you unbox every part, read the guidebook properly. It won’t take more than 30 minutes to assemble the bed. Just join the metal frames and screw up every piece.

After making the foundation put the wooden boards over the frame. The slats constrain with Velcro straps. It ensures the wooden slats to stand in one place and easy to separate.  All in all, this platform bed is much smoother than any other models in the Amazon store.

Supportive & noise free

When it comes to bed, then it doesn’t matter how expensive it is? Only matters how much it plays a supportive role for the sleepers. After a while research, I conclude that nothing is much supportive and stable than ZINUS Contemporary wooden slat Platform bed.

The slats are the 3-inch width, and there is a 3.5-inch gap between each wood boards. It’s enough to fit any mattress. Once fit in the frame the mattress will never slide or drift so you won’t feel any depression.  Some be frames create harsh noise or crack while lying on the bed. This occurs for the lack of strong supports so that the frame shakes and creates noise for the sleepers.  But you don’t feel this problem after purchasing it. It ensures optimal flexibility for the sleep lovers.

twin bed frame

ZINUS always use high –quality components and materials that provide long-term durability. This twin size bed frame can hold up to 1500 pounds at once. You can shake it every angle, but no screw will detach because they are tightly constrained together. The slats are made of strong & durable wood so that the force of a strong hammer can’t break it. The metal frame is more powerful than these. SO now I think you understand how durable the wood platform bed is?


Well, I am pretty much conscious before spend a single penny unless it worth that value.  So here I will help you to find the best platform bed by saving your money. And this bed by ZINUS gives an excellent value if you purchase it. Let’s think about why you will spend thousands for a luxuries bed when you got everything at just 100$. There is four sizes are available for this model of a wooden platform bed. Each one is very affordable than other competitive brands.

Alluring Design

ZINUS is very much popular among the customer for its unique design and outlook of interior & outer or furniture. This twin size bed frame is made in such a way to give a traditional and classic look. Moreover, it contains high-quality staffs that ensure unique design than any other platform bed in the market.

Specification of twin bed frame

            ● Long-lasting solid wooden slats

            ● The frame contains steel with wood accent

            ● The delivery package includes a headboard, footboard, steel frame and wooden slats

            ● Available in four sizes: Twin, king, queen & full

twin bed frame

            ● Weight: 59 lb.93 lb. 81 lb.79 lb.

            ● Color: Black & yellow

            ● Wood type: Pine

            ● Open-frame headboard & no box spring


             Easy installation process

            Enough spacing between the individual slat

            Powerful & weather resistant structure materials

            Three supportive central legs

           Easy to shift without any harsh sound

           Footboard & headboard available


           ⊗ The frame construction includes only one wood finish

           ⊗ Sideboards are not recessed

            Little bit squeaky

           ⊗ Not suitable for heavy-weight persons

Warranty & support

If you purchase this bed, you will get lifetime support and limited warranty for your twin bed frame. ZINUS ensures five years warranty on the frame and foundation. If anything occurs during this period, you will get charge-free service. If you place your order for this glamorous twin bed frame from Amazon, it will reach your door within 4.5 working days plus you will get 20% discount right now.

Product user guide of twin bed frame

There are four types of platform bed available on the market. These are Asian, Modern, Storage & Traditional. ZINUS twin bed frame looks the traditional looks. Before considering buying it, I want to give you some more guidance that helps to decide whether buy it or not.

Nowadays people prefer traditional and bedspring platform bed both. This wood platform bed offers both services at a time.

Though the package comes without a boxspring, you can customize it later.

This twin bed frame only cost 100$. Platform beds at this reasonable price won’t give you much more flexibility than ZINUS

The assembly process is so much easy for ZINUS wood platform bed. It just takes only 30 minutes maximum. If you are a single sleeper, then this bed is the best solution for you. Cause you won’t face any struggle to assemble the components.

Thanks for reading it and I prospect, that you set it very useful. If you have any counsel for this review, then you can say it in the comment section. ­­­­– And I also hope that I will be efficient to favor you. And I desire that you could share your experience with your own opinion.




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