The Smart Vecelo Full Size Metal Bed Frame Comes With Replacement Headboard And Footboard Design

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Full Size Metal Bed Frame

Are you bored of your recent bed frame? Are you want to wake up in the morning from comfortable bed? So, this is the perfect time to change your old bed frame and replace it with full size metal bed frame . This bed frame is giving you a good sleep.Our brain and organs use and receive a quarter of body’s full energy supply. And for recovering it researcher suggest having some good sleep because it brings you back to life and gives you a great day to start. That’s why you need a good sleep and for good sleep, you also need a good full size metal bed frame for your comfortable sleep.

After passing a very busy day when you get back to home the first thing you want to do have a rest and what if your bed gives you that comfort zone and pass out your all stress at a moment? So you need a good bed frame for that.

Description of  full size metal bed frame

Almost everyone in this world wants a nice sleep and an amazing night for sleep. Vecelo bed frame full size will transform your bedroom and give you that amazing sound flexible sleep you wanted. There are several types of sizes, brands, and designs available in the market at this time. It’s very tough to choose the best full size headboard bed frame that really suits your budget. And if you are purchasing from Online than its really much confusing what should you select. Here I am to provide you that give you an idea about the best  full size metal platform bed frame

Vecelo Metal bed frame

Today I will reveal a new and unique model from vecelo brand that bed frame is known as, Vecelo Metal platform mattress with headboard and footboard. It is very unique, flexible and supportive bed frame and assembles is very much easier than others. Its structure is steel for this it is very much durable and strength is very high. It includes 10 legs and crossbars and also has 11 inches under bed storage. For stylish mattress headboard and footboard included and support up to 440 pounds. The most important thing is that it comes from 5 years tension free warranty and also have friendly customer support.

Unique Design

This modern bed frame with headboard looks very stylish and contemporary. Its design is and looks very much expensive. For noise reduction, it comes with screw fixed bars. It’s fit for 6-8 inches mattress bed frame. And for the stable and strong support, it has 10 legs. Underneath 11 inches bed frame provide you bed clearance for storing stuff and bed clearance like a luggage and box. And the most attracting thing it comes with matched footboard and headboard so you do not need extra purchase.

Easy to assemble

This full size metal bed frame comes with the easy assembly that takes less than 30 minutes for installment. It comes with easy installation guidebook that will show you how you can fix your bed frame in a few minutes. And it screws fixed bar give you noise free support in your sleep.


This bed frame made up high-quality steel frame materials that can solve your insect and lice problems. This is very stronger and durable than other materials. And it provides highly constructed components.

Components and structure

This vecelo metal bed frame is made of steel components. Full body frame is made up steel. For this, it is renowned in the market. Steel frame joins together with screw bar. The reinforced high density that is very smooth and does not destroy your lovely mattress. It has extraordinary durability and can afford ultra-strong load up to 440 pounds. This Varnish is high temperature stoving with electrostatic spraying that keeps the paint balance, healthy and green living free from odor. Uses baking paint powder that gives bed frame elegant color and free from iron art.rel="nofollow"

User-Friendly & Supportive

This bed frame is very user-friendly and supportive of your mattress and you both. The 10 legs provide vital role support for a mattress from the surface. It assembles is easier anyone can have fixed within half hour. And under bed storage provide you extra support.


The noise-free bed frame is very much important for peaceful sleep and this full size metal platform bed frame comes with screw bars that provide noise-free support for your bed.


This metal platform mattress foundation bed frame panel is extremely powerful carbon body. And they are very durable and long-lasting materials.

Holding Capacity

Vecelo Metal Platform Mattress foundation can hold up to 440lbs because of its sturdy steel. So you can easily imagine how much stronger capacity frame it has. Its electronic welding and screw bars ensures much support without sagging and squeaking and noise free environment that can give you sound sleep.rel="nofollow"


It comes in 3 sizes available, they are Twin, full & queen size bed frame. Its item weight is 46.7 pounds and dimension is 78*56*38.6 inches. Each piece is clearly labeled and matched up.

Space efficient

It can provide you space for your bedroom. It’s under storage bedroom is almost 11-inch space that you can easily setup your extra luggage bag and other materials and so on.

Affordable pricing

This product is very much good pricing. Its only cost $95.99. you just get a quality product only on this limited price. Isn’t it so cool?

Warranty and Support for full size metal bed frame

After you place an order it will reach your home within 4-5 working days. And you will get the limited five years warranty and lifetime support. If any problem occurs you will get charge free support and services.

If you are a prime member of Amazon then shipment will be free.


                  ● Its product dimensions 78*56*38.6 inches.

                  ● Item weight is 46.7 pounds.

                 ● Full-size platform

                 ● 11 inches under bed storage

                 ● The steel structure that gives durability, stability, and support.

                 ● 10 legs design with screw cross bars.

                 ● Innovative design and 100% metal

                 ● For stylish mattress headboard and footboard included.

Pros and Cons

Vecelo metal platform box spring replacement with headboard with some pros and cons. They are:


              Unique, stylish and contemporary design

              Affordable pricing.

              Assemble is very much easier.

              No additional tools required for assembly.

              Strong and durable structure.

              5 years worry free warranty

               Without noise environment

             Mattress life will increase.

             Hole more than 400 pound

             No box spring needed.


             ⊗ Can’t hold more than 450 pounds so it is not applicable for healthy and heavier couples.

Best Brand

This metal platform mattress bed is generally the product of international brand VECELO. It is very much famous brand and competes with industry fashionable bed and variable beds. It always holds its top positions. They believe in unique design and innovative quality.

Who should buy this bed frame

This full size metal bed frame is a modern furniture and art. This does not need any box spring.

it is very easy to assemble and carry lightweight. It removes the traditional concept box size beds and reduces the price level. If you want to décor a home it a nice choice. So, if you are looking a cheap price quality bed frame for your home then you should buy this platform bed frame.

Product User Guide

These bed frame with headboard available in the market. Here I put some product using a guideline for the buyer.

Assemble less than half hour.

You can customize easily anytime. Comes with footboard and headboard.

This bed frame only low cost So before purchasing compare it with other brands.

Check the body materials of the bed properly.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a unique quality platform bed for your home at a nice cheap price than I have the best advice for you. It is one of the good price and good quality on Amazon which is available under $96. And it is very convenient shipment is reliable and faster.


After purchasing vecelo full size metal bed frame you do not have too much worry about a good take care for this. This is the most reliable brand and you can easily choose this metal bed frame for your bedroom.

Thank you very much for patiently reading this information. If you have any query about this product then you may ask and after purchasing you will share your buying experience.


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