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Are you fully bored with your present bed frame? I think it’s the time to change your old one and replace with a new king size bed frame. It can be a very easy task but you need to take extra care when you are going to buy something for home. I think no one wants to build their home with skimpy pieces of stuff.Can you imagine a house without any bed?  If yes, then it’s very rough. After passing a very busy day when I get back to my home, I just think about one thing. That is a sound sleep on my soft bed and that’s all. People pass the quarter of their lifetime in bed.  So the bed just needs to be sturdy and good so that it can give you sound environment for your sound sleep.

There are lots of sizes, designs & brands are available in the market now. From the thousands of choices, it’s very tricky to find the best one which suits your budget. Here I am to show you the tricks & tips which lead you the final destination.

Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch king size bed frame

Today I will unveil a new model from Zenus Incorporation known as, Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platforma Low Profile Bed Frame. It’s very supportive, flexible and good quality but cheap from other expensive platform frames. It is also very simple to assemble.  It’s not the best frame but this king size bed frame can hold up to 350 pounds excluding mattress’ weight.  Over the steel frame, there are twelves slats which support the mattress from slagging. The space between every slat is two & half an inch. It meets the standard measurement of mattress warranty. The bed comes without headboard or footboard, but if you want you to have the option for customization. The price is too much reasonable. If you are searching something at a cheap price, then this smart base bed frame will be the best alternative.  It is currently sold on the Amazon store just at low plus you will get five years warranty from the manufacturer. If it doesn’t meet your requirements you can return it within thirty days. So what else you want? Just click and buy it. It will be the great value for your money.

Continue reading & you will see more.

User-friendly & supportive

This low profile bed frame is very user-friendly for you and your mattress both. The wooden slats and the supportive legs play a vital role to support the mattress from a surface. The slats are 3 inches wide and there is two & half inches space between each slat. It provides enough support to carry up to 500 pounds. Each foot is wrapped with plastic pad and made of a good component that prohibits scratch to floors & holds strongly from the surface.

 Structure & components

Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch king size bed frame is made of sturdy components. The outer part of the main body constructs of high quality still. Zenus is already renowned in the market for maintaining standard quality & good customer feedback. The still pieces join together through metal screws at the connection point. Over the foundation frame, there is a place for wooden slats. The bed comes with 12 Velcro straps wooden slats that support the mattress from sliding and progress mattress lifetimes. It supports foam, box spring, hybrid mattress etc. very comfortably as your own choice.


This modern studio king size bed frame looks very contemporary & stylish. It’s better than any other expensive box design beds. He slats are coated with solid wood that prevents any kind of sliding and slagging off a mattress. Generally, it doesn’t come with headboard but if you want you can customize it by own elf. There are mounting holes on the side of the frame for attaching a standard size headboard for extra comfort. The slats are placing 2.5 inches apart to hold the weight strongly. This bed is ten inches long, under the frame there is little space. You can store the extra stuff in your room here. Moreover, it helps to keep the surface clean.

Easy to assemble & disassemble

Like other Zinus platform beds, Modern Studio 10 Inch king size bed frame is the easiest bed frame to assemble & disassemble. It takes only 20 minutes to complete the installation in a single hand. With the package, you will get a guidebook. This will show you how to assemble the frame in just a few minutes. Moreover, you will be shocked to see the package box. The pieces & screws come with a LED tv size box.  It is very easy to convenient from to door to upstairs. Now all you just need to open the package, bring out every piece & join together. After making the primary foundation put the slats over the still frame and attach with the board through Velcro straps. It prevents the slats from any kind of sliding that hampers sleeping environment.


Zenus smart base bed frame is very lightweight and durable. It also increases the durability of the mattress.  The frame is made of high-quality steel and wood that ensures the longevity of the bed. The supportive legs are protected with plastic pad form the floor. The overall dimension is 75 x 38 x 10 inches & it weighs only 35 pounds.


Another impressive feature of this low profile bed frame is noise free. Normally, bed frames at low price create harsh noise and spoil the environment of the sleeper at night. But you will face the same problem with Zenus.  The manufacturer gives extra attention to the overall design that keeps the frame remains silent and creates a sound environment for the sleeper.


Zenus 10 inches modern studio foundation bed is available in four sizes: narrow twin, twin, full, queen.  & king size. The bed is 10 inches in height from the floor. If you want more underneath place you can order alternative option and there are 14 inches & 18 inches are available for you.

Warranty & Support

Once you place the order it will reach your door within 2-3 working days. Inside the package, you will get a full guidebook provided by the manufacturer. It assures you to assemble the frame without any struggle. Moreover, the manufacturer proved five years warranty for the frame.


             Contemporary and stylish design

            ✓ Lightweight and sturdy structure

             Affordable price

            Assembly process is very easy

             Five years warranty and noise free sleeping environment

             Increases mattress life


           ⊗ Can’t hold more 500 pounds. So it is not suitable for heavier or healthy couples.

          ⊗ It’s not available in California king size

          ⊗ Lack of headboard, footboard and box spring

Who should purchase king size bed frame

Platform bed frame is a form of modern furniture & art. It’s a frame where you don’t need any box spring or foundation. Sometimes it comes with headboard and footboard. It supports any type of mattress and easily protects the mattress from sliding. It is lightweight and very easy to carry & assemble. Platform bed removes the concept of traditional box size beds and reduces the price level. It’s an excellent and elegant choice to décor a home. So if are you looking for something classy in your house at a very cheap price, then I think you should purchase platform bed.

More information :

This sturdy platform bed is designed for comfort-ability & strength. It looks very elegant and modern in style. The still body and solid wooden slats support the foam and mattress from any kind of sliding and increase mattress life.  The bed is 10 inches high so you will get little space under the frame.  The overall package comes with a narrow box and it’s very simple to assemble. Just another great invention from Zinus for mid-level customers.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good quality platform bed for your room at a cheap price then I suggest this would be your best answer. It is one of the cheap best-selling platform bed on Amazon which is available just under. In case of online purchasing, the frame comes in the heavyweight package. But it’s very lightweight and convenient to carry than other traditional online furniture.  The shipment is also very faster and reliable. So why are you still waiting for? Moreover, if you place the order now you will enjoy 12% discount.


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