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Single twin size bed frame

Are you stuck with your existing bed or are you looking for a comfortable & high-quality Single twin size bed frame or twin platform bed frame? If yes you are in the perfect place for your guidance. I am here to let you guidance on the best model of twin metal bed frame on the market.

After spending a week on research and customer feedback, I suggest you go for Green Forest Metal Bed Frame Twin Size. It offers lot more features to buyers from the robust mattress support to high-quality components. It comes with two metal frame headboard and available in two sizes. The price is pretty much affordable for anyone to bear. And one thing, don’t worry about assembly process. It is so easier than you think.

This Single twin size bed frame contains sufficient space beneath the frame so that you can use it in your way. You can use this twin metal bed frame without any box spring trouble. Moreover, it looks so gorgeous without box spring. The bed is just not furniture. It is the spotlight of a bedroom and people passes 33% of their life over a bed, in case of sleep-lovers like me, it’s more than 50%.

So you need to be more careful before buying a bed for your bedroom. Here I will describe you the details about the best quality single bed frame or twin platform bed frame. Our top choice is Green Forest Two Headboards 6 Legs Mattress Foundation Black Platform Bed Frame. Continue reading, and you will realize why I prefer this one.

What is the measurement of Single twin size bed frame?

Well, before starting the review I want to share significant information with you. Do you know the actual thickness of twin size bed frame? If no, then it is 39 inches widespread and 75 inches long. There are lots of frame sizes available in the market, among them, twin size is so much preferable to the buyers for its massive benefits. Our top pick is available in both single & twin sizes. If you want to place this bed in your children’s or guest room, then single size will be suitable but if you want extra spaces than twin size will be the better choice. If you buy it now, it will cost only 60$ and save 30% off the regular price.

Single twin size bed frame

Key Features


This Single twin size bed frame looks very classical and elegant in design. The sturdy components provide massive support for the mattress. The overall design is perfect to place it in any bedroom, guest room, hotel room, or school/college hostel rooms. The frame comes up with one headboard, and you can replace in the place of your old box spring bed frame. It looks rather traditional than before. The bed designs in a very comfortable way to create a soundless sleeping environment. There is enough inches space beneath the frame so that you can keep your room neat & clean.


Green Forest Metal Bed Frame comes up with high components than previous version. Manufacturer used upgrade version of metal in the body. Metal also constructs the slats; it helps extra support to hold the mattress from sliding. The high- quality materials keep the frame from shaking and increase the longevity of mattress & frame life both. There are six metal legs which support to hold the frame from the surface. The sold materials create a cozy environment for your sleep.

Easy to joint

The main problem of buying furniture from online is assembly. But in this case, you don’t need to face that kind of problem. That is one of the reasons for why this model is my top choice. After placing the order, the package will come with a LED tv box. All the metal parts, headboards, slats, screws and everything will be there when you open the box. There is also a guidebook to assemble the frame. Believe me; it takes only 10 minutes to complete the process lonely. Or else if you feel any trouble, just contact their help center. They will response you or show you a video tutorial to complete the installation process. See, it hardly takes time for assembly and disassembly.  You don’t need any extra accessories to set up.

Flexible & noise free

This bed is not very luxuries in looks but the six metal legs and high-quality steel slats flexible the overall structure and fit for the mattress. The slats are keeping enough space between each other to support the mattress from sliding and provide you a comfortable sleep. The screws and parts are very flexible to joint & separate so that you can get convenience easily or shift it from one place to another.

Now let’s discuss the noise problems. There are some beds in the market which shake while lying on the bed. It hampers our sleeping time. But you will face this with this brand. The overall body stands out like a silent keeper and does not harm the sleepers.

Underneath space

The bed is 11.4 inches long. There is plenty of space under the frame to the surface. You can keep you unused bags, luggage, and any other important thing in here. Sometimes children discover their playing ground in the underneath space.


One thing that attracts me most about this model of the platform bed is the price. The price is just shocking & cheap than other rivals brand. The twin metal bed frame is just available in the Amazon store at just 60$. This product is on sale now. So buy it from Amazon & save 30%.

Size & colors

The overall dimension of this Single twin size bed frame is 77.2 x 35.8 x 12.6 inches. It is available in two sizes: Twin & Full and three different colors: black, white & silver. The overall weight of twin platform bed frame is 13Kg, and it can hold up to 158kg. It is so much light in weight but durable & long lasting.


The high-quality materials increase its life cycle. Moreover, it is water, dust and sun resistant.

Specifications of Single twin size bed frame

Single twin size bed frame

           ● Frame material: Metal

           ● Dimension: 77.2 x 35.8 x 12.6 inches

           ● Wight: Twin Size 28 pounds & Full size 40 pounds

           ● Brand Name: Green World

           ● Two-sided headboards

          ● 10 minutes is enough to set the frame

          ● No box spring

          ● Flexible frame slats fit the mattress and reduce the sliding problem

          ● If you get any problem feel free to contact the manufacturer

          ● It holds up to 158 kg maximal


           The construction components are pure and reliable and don’t screech

           Very flexible to set up

          Perfect sleeping bed for children or student

          The price is very reasonable. Just 60$

          Extra space under the bed

          The parts are very available in the store so if any part breaks, don’t worry you can repurchase it.


      ⊗ The guidebook is not so much clear to understand. But if you face any problem contact with the

manufacturer. They will send you proper video tutorials

       ⊗ Lack of side rails

       ⊗ The drilled holes didn’t align properly

Final verdict

We have seen what this bed offers to the buyers. Now we are in the final verdict. After analyzing every pros and con, I suggest you that this Single twin size bed frame is suitable for your child’s bedroom. The price is also very affordable, and it returns good value for your money. There is plenty of spaces beneath the frame & it looks very traditional.

 Buyer’s Guide

This is the extra part of my article. This party is only for the buyers. Customers always confuse to decide which will be the perfect place to spend the valuable money. So if you are here for buying platform bed, then I suggest you consider these points before purchasing.

First of all, size is most relevant facts. Before ordering clear about the size. There are lots of bed sizes. So

pick up the right size. Don’t go for extra size or narrower size. Both will spoil the sleeping environment

Consider the pricing and compare it with other brands. This will help you to find correct one.

Before purchasing decide what design of platform beds you like

Check the body materials of the platform beds. It is essential. Higher the quality of the content is, higher

the support will be given

Thanks for reading it and I prospect, that you set it very useful. If you have any counsel for this review, then you can say it in the comment section. ­



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