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platform queen bed frame

Are you tired of your recent bed frame? Not fully satisfied with that? Need very comfortable sleep? So this is the perfect time to replace your old bed with a new flex form Arched platform queen bed frame. It will make your home and bedroom in a comfort zone.

The bed is one of the basic staff of any house. It provides the richness of your room. And Bed is a place where we spend our most of the time and we search peaceful sound sleep. So we cannot imagine a house without a bed. If we really need a sound sleep on our soft bed, then we need to very care full while purchasing a bed. Your bed must be a sturdy and good quality that you can have your sound environment sleep.

If you are a newcomer to online its really tough to choose the best one for your bedroom. You may have confused or placed the wrong order. But now do not worry about that because we are trying to support you and give our best for finding the best queen bedroom frame for your home.

There are various sizes and prices bed available on the market. After researching a lot of time on bed frame product and looking for hundreds of models at the store. We suggest you purchase the queen size platform bed frame. It consists lots of features and specification and high-quality materials.  And the most interesting thing is that you can have this product in your palace only in $191.52 from the Amazon store.

Arche Platform bed frame with metal mattress foundation queen size

This platform queen bed frame is an updated model that serves great support to the mattress so that you can have much comfortable time in your bed. It’s capable of supporting up to 2500 lbs. It is a durable platform frame with metal frame and curved legs. Its design is very much unique and modern. This bed frame ensures maximum support without sagging or squeaking. It also very much easy for transportation and also very easy to assemble. Any mattress can be used in the bed frame and anywhere you can place it in your room easily. The overall dimensions of the product are 14*79*59 inches.

Key Features

Unique Design

This queen size platform bed frame comes with a modern and unique design with the best strong quality metal frame finish. It increases your room elegance. This bed frame is available in black color, sleek bed and best use for your dorms, children’s room and guest room. Its creative design provides your anywhere placement benefit and also increase your room view. There has an extra space under the bed that almost 14’ height profile.

Construction Materials

This arch flex queen bedroom frame comes with a black finish and sturdy construction that support up to 2500lbs. For durability, it’s constructed from metal. Curved legs are designed for stability and for durability, it’s platform frame is fully made up of steel.

Long Lasting

Metal flex form arched platform increases the durability of the mattress frame. This efficient metal mattress support advantage reduces tough mattress life and sliding.

Under bed spacing

There has enough space under your bed for storage. It’s almost 14-inch space available that your children easily play hide and seek game.

Good Budget

If you are going to search for a quality platform queen bed frame in limited price, then this product is best for you. It is very durable and affordable price with the best quality.  You can have this product only for $191.52 at Amazon store.

Holding Capacity

Flex form arched platform bed frame metal mattress can hold up to 2500 lbs because of its sturdy steel. So you can easily imagine how much stronger capacity it has. Its electronic welding ensures much support without sagging and squeaking.


The most interesting thing about this bed is highly portable. You can easily move this bed anywhere in your room and can adjust to your four wall side. Its transportation is very much easy and lightweight. And very much easier to assemble from other product.

Easy Setting up

Setting up your new Arched platform queen bed frame is a simple 6 steps process and only require to use a screwdriver.

Step:1 Remove product from packaging and set the box aside. Step: 2 Unfold each half and secure the heavy duty support leg to the frame with free install wingnuts. Step: 3 Connect the section together with free wing nuts provided. Step:4 Install 3 center support brackets to the legs with the screws provided. Step: 5 Turn the frame right side up and install the arch connection bracket each side with the includes hardware. Step: 6 Install the end of the arch legs into the connection on both sides secure the leg with two retaining screws and then finished.

Warranty & Support

In case you buy this product, you will get a complete consumer guide from the manufacturer. If you have any inquiry about this product, you could frequently ask them and their agent will response within 2-3 minutes.  It will deliver 1-year warranty, if you are an Amazon top member, then the cargo will be free of cost, and the order will supply for your door within 4 days. It delivery package is also very good. After unzipping the product, you will find all the available parts into the box shape and its smart feature makes the process so convenient to easily set up.


Special Features

platform queen bed frame

          ● Assembly system is very much easy.

          ● Weight support up to 2500 lbs. And item weight 59

          ● pounds.

          ● Color: Black; Size: Queen.

          ● Dimensions: Product- 79*14*59 Item: 14*79*59.

          ● Body frame is metal.

          ● No mattress and box frame included. It’s sold separately.

          ● Bed design is sleek and contemporary black finish.

          ● It is sturdy with full mattress support.

          ● It ensures maximum durability and quality.

          ● Underneath the bed, storage is 14 inches.

          ● Can be placed easily anywhere in the room.

          ● Smooth finishing elegant bed style.

          ● Optional headboard and footboard available.

          ● Programmed electronic welding.

          ● It also has optional headboard brackets.

Pros & Cons

Every product has some positive & negative feature. Here I am providing you every pros & con about this platform queen bed frame so that you can decide fast whether buy it or not.


             It is easy to transport in a car, in an elevator or downstairs and highly portable.

             Very much durable and easy to assemble.

             Leg curved for stability.

              Modern design with electronic welding.

            Maximum durability and ensure quality

            Simple tools required for assembly.

            14’ height under bed storage.

            Any mattress can be used.

            Placed anywhere in the room that you can access all four sides.


          ⊗ Mattress not included.

          ⊗ No box spring included

          ⊗ Mattress and box spring sold separately.

 What is the product?

After analyzing every function of this product, I can assure you that flex form arched queen size platform bed frame present day is the great adjustable bed mattress body with a simple layout and low-cost fee.

Product user guide

There are two types of platform bed frame available in the market. Before buying it, I want to give you some more instruction that helps to decide whether to buy it or not.

           ● This assembles process only needs less than half hour.

          ● Price is very much flexible. To compare the price with other brands.

          ● After receiving the product, check that properly. (Body materials)

          ● While installation uses their user guide.

When it comes to unique and comfortable style than its more important to not forget about the quality than the rate. If you have an amazing body that really suits your bedroom elegance than must choose this product for your ultimate satisfaction. And I promise you that you will get all the satisfaction after using this bed frame for your house. It will expand the beauty of your room

So what are you waiting for? Order place now and find more and more discount from Amazon and get the shipment is very faster and reliable.

Thanks for your reading it if any query you can ask in the comment section. And hope that after purchasing you will share your experience with us.


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