Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame With Box Spring In Yellow For Perfect Bedroom

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queen bed frame with box spring

Are you looking for a queen bed frame with box spring? You can get the Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame for the mattress to develop the sleeping comfort.

A home needs to be in the accurate living environment before someone can enter and live in it. It will need living room, bathrooms, leisure rooms, kitchen and most importantly a bedroom. When all is set in place, a design will be realized and planned in every feature.

Everyone desires a stylish and elegant home, blend with stylish bed frames for the ultimate comfort and design. You have to choose a queen storage bed frame that matches your house’s design.

A convenient and matching bed frame will add elegance to your house and give you a sound night’s sleep. To achieve this, one must select from the devotion of bed frame that is available.

But neither of them will tend to you and make your bedroom as stylish as queen bed frame with box spring. Breezy and light, bed frame looks great in nearly any bedroom décor.

In the design world, a stylish bed frame gives an attractive look to your bedroom which takes nothing away from it. In this article, we’ll discuss more Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame in Yellow and its review.

What is about queen bed frame with box spring?

The bed frame is by far one of the most important materials that your bed needs. Queen bed frame with box spring that has a high facility for storage is particularly very good additions to any home that really lacks in size.

If space is gorgeous that you never really have in your home then it is extremely a good idea to think about the option of getting queen storage bed frame.

This is extremely true in the bedroom where there are great deals of items to store, and as such if your room is not too large, then you can get the best of both worlds with a queen bed frame with box spring.

This bed frame is a wonderful part of the process of building a bed. It may give your bedroom full transformation into a relaxing shelter.

The Queen Bed frame is designed to make a box for the mattress or box spring to safely lay in. let’s see some important features of this bed frame that makes it great for you.

What are some features and Specifications for queen storage bed frame?

The specifications and features are the most noteworthy consideration that helps to give you an excellent knowledge of the bed frames you want to buy.

The queen bed frame with box spring has plenty of handy features. All these features and specifications are possibly made this bed frame extremely user-friendly to the users.

Today, I will discuss all the features and specifications of this Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame.

Specification and features of this folding metal bed frame:

          Weight: The weight of this bed frame is 41 pounds. The shipping weight is 48 pounds.

         Dimension: The dimension of this product is 60 x 80 x 14 inches.

         Color and size: This bed frame is yellow color and it is queen size bed frame. They are also Available in twin, full, and Horizon size.

        Manufacturer: The manufacturer of this bed frame is Modway©.queen bed frame with box spring

Highlighted features:

             ●  Low Profile and Heavy Duty Bed Frame

             ●  Queen Bed Frame In Yellow color

             ●  Stainless steel bed frame

             ●  Replaces box spring

Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame In Yellow reviews:

The queen bed frame with box spring is quite exceptional than almost any other types of bed frames. They do an excellent work of balancing your body weight.

Also, this queen storage bed frame by Modway© provides you much needed support. Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame comes with an affordable price rate. It becomes possibly a true choice for a bed foundation.

It is super sturdy and makes no sound when you move around. In addition, you never go wrong with this folding metal bed frame mainly if you just buy a new mattress.

It has some outstanding features that are given below. Let’s take a look at the features of this Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame:

Extra strong:

This also helps to prevent saggy mattresses.

No box spring:

The queen storage bed frame eliminates the need for a box spring while assuring a powerful mattress with a versatile platform bed base. It also supports mattress types such as memory foam and innerspring.

Foldable bed:

Horizon Queen Bed Frame just folds away when not in use. This is a low profile solution that can simply store and be used at any place in the house.

Spacious storage:

It completes with 14 inches of giving storage space under the bed frame. You use this storage space to keep your hobby collections. Also, you can use it as seasonal clothing bins close with additional bedroom storage space.

Easy to put together:

The queen bed frame with box spring is easy to put together. You can just put it together in less than 10 minutes. It can set up this bed frame slightly in a smaller space.

Warranty and Support:

You can request the manufactures warranty of this queen storage bed frame by Modway© from customer service. It also provides an excellent customer service as well.

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world. Every Amazon product has customer reviews and ratings. This queen bed frame with box spring has also reviews and ratings too.

Most of the user experience this queen storage bed frame as a quality frame which fits any type of mattress. They find it is steady and no squeaking noise.

Furthermore, some users find negative views where the use of folding metal bed frame, in general, is not for them.

Shipping policy:

This queen bed frame with box spring is a revolutionary sleep product. The Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame does not ship their product internationally. It ships separately according to your order. The shipment of this bed frame is available within the U.S.


                ✓ It offers Great sturdinessqueen bed frame with box spring

                Easy to put together

                It is easy to transport

                Horizon Queen Bed Frame is Perfect for camping

                Stainless steel metal base for long-term comfort

                14 inches of space underneath

               Horizon reduces annoying squeak


              ⊗  It is not super great for storage

              ⊗  This is the bed frame for the tall person

Why Best Use For?

The queen bed frame with box spring manufactured by Modway© seems to be the awesome simple bed frame for many of us. The users like this queen storage bed frame by Modway© due to some specific reasons. These are:

               ●  The queen bed frame provides a reliable support for your mattress

               ●  Horizon is made for lasting long

               ●  They are galvanized or well polished

               ●  It will not be easily scratched or damaged

              ●  It is very safe while fitting


The queen bed frame with box spring seems to be the most popular nowadays. They are user-friendly, sophisticated and provide your room a modern and charming look!

In conclusion, if you get this folding metal bed frame, you can start enjoying every moment to straighten out and rest. It features a stylish and quality design.

However, a folding metal bed frame by Modway© is more favorable by many people as it adds a special touch to their bedroom. In conclusion, I hope the Modway Horizon Queen Bed Frame In Yellow – Replaces Box Spring maybe your desired bed frame for the money.

Thanks for reading this article. We are eager to know seriously what you think. Have you got this queen storage bed frame we discussed?

Which one you buy and how did this bed frame with headboard work out for you? Or what do you know about the even better product? Please leave a comment below! And help your fellow customers to make the right choice. Over to you!


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