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queen size bed frame

Are you here for purchasing queen size bed frame? If yes, then I want to suggest you look very carefully before placing any order.  Because a bed is not just furniture which we used to sleep, it’s the spotlight of your bedroom. If you think deeply, you will realize that it is the only furniture where we spend a huge part of your life. It is the most important thing of our daily life. So don’t place any wrong order which will waste your money or mood of sleeping.If you are new to online shopping, then it is very difficult to choose which one will be suitable for you. But don’t worry; we try to give our best effort to the customer who is finding the suitable platform for their bedrooms. We will show how to pick up the right one for your home from thousands of models.

There are different kinds of sizes are available in the market. Size should be perfect and you must decide it before placing an order. I will discuss the size later but if you bore to sleep lonely or got a new sleeping partner then, queen size bed frame will be a wising decision. It suits two persons flexibly in a bed or you can sleep alone with the highest flexibility.

After searching hundreds of best models on the online store, Doral Complete Bed with Metal Panels is our best pick for the best queen platform bed frame category. Here I will describe you why this model attracts my eyes. If you read the conclusion, maybe it will attract yours too.

What is the measurement of queen platform bed frame?

Not every buyer is certain about the sizes. Most of them confuse about it. Well, my previous article I discuss the measurement of twin platform size bed. Here I will start my review by informing you about the standard measurement of queen size bed frame. Queen size is a bit larger than twin size so that two persons can comfortably sleep there. Normally the standard measurement of queen storage bed frame is nearly sixty inches broad and eighty inches tall. Our top pick Doral Complete Bed with Metal Panels exceeds the standard measurement. It is eighty-sixed inches broad and sixty-two inches tall. The extra spaces help to keep a distance between two persons

queen size bed frame

while sleeping. It makes sleeping more comfortable.

Key Features


Doral Complete Bed with Metal Panels design in a very elegant design, perfect for suits in any bedroom or master room. It contains both classical & traditional design both in its features. Once set up in your room, it will perish the beauty of the other furniture as well as provide the room extraordinary looks. The overall design is pure & solid. It will long lust so you don’t need to take much caring or maintenance. Queen size bed frame stands on 4 legged steel frames that give enough support to fix full-size box spring or mattress. It comes up with a footboard & a headboard. The overall finish is so rich and elegant. There is an alluring curve design on the grill of both boards. The steel frame contains a black powder that provides the bed a smashing outlook. In one line, I could explain that this queen storage bed frame is very simple but very magnificent than other models available in the showroom or store.

Construction materials

This country style classical queen size bed frame contains high-quality material and durable body parts. The overall frame is made of carbon steel. This will stand for years without any maintenance trouble. The headboard is 51 inches long and the footboard is 31 inches long. The steel grills are coated with a matte black powder that makes the bed more resistant and alluring in design. There are 4 legs to support the bed to stand on the surface. All legs are made of solid wood and textured by Walnut finish. The wooden finish sophisticated the bedroom design and changes the environment of your room.

Awesome Finishing

Finishing is very much important for any kind of furniture. The durability and resistant power depend on the quality of the finishing components. Higher the finishing quality is, higher the resistance power. It protects the furniture from outside moisture and temperature. This traditional bed wrap with study finishing components. The grills finished with Matte Black powder & the bedposts finished with Walnut wood. These provide more stable power than any other beds.


The bed comes up with iron rails and cross arms. It gives enough effort to fix up the mattress or box spring over the frame. Only a few beds can give you similar kind of support. Most of the time mattress slides from the bed and hampers our sleeping environment. But you won’t face the same shit again with this queen storage bed frame. That’s the reason it is our top pick. For a sound sleep, you must need a supportive bed & nothing is compared to this queen size bed in the store.

Good pricing

The pricing is very competitive than any other queen size bed. If you buy it now it will only cost $200. What else you can think when you just get a luxurious, royal look bed just at

What else you will get

With the package, you will get one headboard, one footboard, bed frame, four bedposts, instruction guidebook and packaging bag. The bag includes every part of assembling the bed. The assembly process is very easy. It just takes 20-30 minutes to assemble the bed.

Shipment & Warranty

It takes 4-5 days for the shipment of the product at your door. The shipment package is very much convenience to carry. This large bed frame comes up with just a LED tv box. Moreover, the manufacturer of this queen size provides 10 years warranty for any kind of defects or problems. It is now on the stock of the Amazon store.

Brand Preference

The core manufacturer of this queen size bed frame is The Fashion Bed Group. This is very reliable and profound brand in the market of platform beds. Besides platform beds, they are very much expert in making bed bases, bedding textiles & mattress and other furniture. They always focus on high standard finishing & alluring and creative design. This keeps them always on the top of the buyer’s choice.

Specification of queen size bed frame

queen size bed frame

Creative design with the classic and traditional look

51 inches headboard & 31 inches footboard

Comes with iron rails & cross arms for support

Style: Country

Frame Materials: Metal, wood

 ● Finish Material: Matte Black Powder & Walnut wood

Warranty: 10 years

Color: Dark Black & wooden color

Sizes: 86*62*51


 High-quality construction materials

 Easy to assemble the parts

 Matte black power finish enhances the elegance of the bedroom

 Walnut finish protects the wood posts from moisture and temperature

✓ Sturdy materials & elegance design suits best for the guestroom

 Extend the life of the mattress


 Sometimes parts got missing from the package. But don’t worry, contact them and they will send you again without any charge.

Final Verdict

Well, we have read every feature this bed offers to us. Though it got some complaint from the customer, it contains a great design & traditional outlook. If you are looking for something elegance for your guest room, then nothing can be compared with this bed. It creates the great impression among the guests and they will fall in love with your generosity. Not just in the guest room, you can place it in your master room too. Wherever you place it, it takes it spotlight than other furniture in the room.




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