Step By Step Process How To Make A Bed Frame


Thanks for standing by to check out our article! In this article, you will learn the step by step process how to make a bed frame.  The bed frame is the most significant piece of furniture that you can purchase for your bedroom for many different causes. Did you understand that the bed frame is the primary thing anyone sees when they enter a bedroom?

So from a decorating point of view, the bed frame is also a significant thing to consider when choosing bedroom furniture. It is the most important sleeping item is riddled with useless extras that can increase its costs drastically. For those who are watching for an easy way to make a bed frame, this guide is for them.  Just read on and see how easy it is.


Step by step way to make a bed frame:

A bed frame is a great beginner woodwork program that needs few tools. The following frame is established for a king size bed.  You can adjust the overall length and width to fit your present bed size.

What you need:


1)  7 ¼ inch round saw, 2) work gloves, 3) Vibrative saw or 1 inch wood hammer and chisel, 4) paint brush, 5) tape measure, 6) hand-held drill and bit set, 7) caulk gun, 8) framing square, 9) safety glasses, 10) 15 gauge finish nailer and small air compressor, and 10) ear plugs.



1) ¼ inch sheathing sheets, 2) paint able caulk, 3) dust mask, 4) #8 x 1 ¼ inch wood screws, 5) #8 x 2 inch wood screws, 6) 3/4 inch plywood sheet, 7) 2x4x8′, 8) 3 inch x 14 inches used furniture legs, 9) Type II wood glue, 10) semi-gloss paint, 11) base mould or same trim, and 12) untreated 4x4x4′.

Step 1 (Cut Panels):

First of all, set up a solid diagram over plywood. Then cut the plywood into panels according to the diagram. This process will be easier for a single person if he cuts the plywood in a logical order or sequence. Take a sharp blade and start the cutting process (You can use a cutting glide).

You can also cut the panels by using a table saw. Try to make sure that you place the blade or table saw according to the cut mark or diagram.  The cross-hatched zones are drops of wood that can be rejected. Stock all other pieces.

Step 2 (Assemble Frame):

  • After cutting the panels, start to assemble the 4 pieces.
  • Attach the panels to each other at the corners by using screws and wood glue.
  • Now at every end of the side panels make a drill of 3 pilot holes
  • Start the screws on the flat area and then set up the 4 pieces on the floor
  • You need to ensure that each piece is close to the next
  • After joining the 4 pieces install the 4 gussets close to the end of each frame corner
  • Now use three wood screws and glue on each side and make sure that the screw heads are firmly attached

Step 3 (Install Corners):

  • Cut the 4×4 into four 11-1/2 inch long sections.
  • Jagged out the back of the 4×4 as it wraps the frame area which is close to the end and stands out 1 ½ inch above the top of the frame
  • Start by appointing the section with a 10 inch in on two close sides
  • Place your saw blade to a 2-inch thickness and make these two 10 inch long cuts

Then, create the two vertical cuts with the same saw thickness. Now there will be a small piece of wood attaching the incision area and the drop. Remove the wood by using a vibratory saw and tidy up the inner corner. Finally, cut the rear of the1 ½ inch top at the specific angle (45-degree). Now apply glue to the inner side of the corner and complete nail to the bed frame.

Step 4 (Install cross slats):

Put the two plywood ledger strips including the end of the bed frame corners. Apply wood glue and put1-1/4 inch screws six inches on the middle with the front of the ledger among the side panel. Calculate the space within the bed frame sides and cut seven 2x4s to this distance. Then, put the cross slats 12 inches on middle with one screw into the ledger on every end.

Step 5 (finish up):

If strong legs have threaded rod in the upper parts, put the leg grounding thread into the corner gusset. If the grounding thread is reachable, put a nut and washer and then tighten. If the grounding thread is not reachable, apply a standard building adhesive (glue) on the hole, thread, and top.

Step 6 (paint your bed):

You need to set up the corner posts by cutting pieces of trim. Now install the top and bottom around the enclosure of the frame including 15 gauge finish nails. Put an end all attachments and nail holes with a close painter.  Now allow it to dry for 30 minutes. When it is drying, cut 2 pieces of 1/4 inch covering to go through the 2×4 cross bars. You can skip this step when you have a box spring, but alternatively, your bed will sit above the frame. Finally, paint your bed frame to end the process how to make a bed frame.

Final word:

How to make a bed frame is quite subjective certainly. But you need the right plan and exact execution of the plan to make your bed frame a successful project.  I hope after following the above-mentioned step by step procedure you can successfully make your bed frame. Hope you make your bed frame and enjoy a sound sleep at night.

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