How To Fix A Squeaking Bed Frame


Selecting a bed frame is easy right? Well, there is nothing more disturbing than having an inadequate sleep at night due to squeaking of a bed frame. Most of the bed owners have no idea how to fix a squeaking bed frame. Luckily, it is not necessary to spend huge bucks to buy a new bed frame. You can easily stop the squeaking of your bed frame.

You need to identify the origin of the squeaking and then use the lubricating agent into the joint which fixes the squeaking issue successfully. Thus you can stop the squeaking and enjoy a sound sleep at night once again. In this article, we will discuss the step by step procedure how you can fix a squeaking of your bed frame.


Step by step procedure how to fix a squeaking bed frame:

Here is the step by step procedure how to fix a squeaking bed frame.

Step 1 (Finding the reason):

  1. Take the box spring and mattress off the bed frame:

The box spring is the wooden base under the mattress. Now you need to lay the box spring and mattress on the floor.

  1. Check the squeaking sound of the mattress:

Before you begin working on the bed frame, you need to rule it out as the cause of the squeaking.  Take on the mattress and move around a little. If it squeaks, you know the bed is the offender.

  1. Check if it is the box spring that is squeaking:

Put on the pressure to the top of the box spring. Move it around; if you heard squeaking, it is possibly the box spring more than the bed frame that is causing the difficulty.

  1. Roll the posts on the bed frame and listen intimately:

Where the posts connect to the rest of the bed frame squeaking can occur. So try rolling each bedpost if there is any squeaking. It is wise and better to identify the accurate location where the squeaking is coming from.

  1. Rock the slats on the end of the bed frame:

The slats are the wooden or metal boards that spread from one side of the bed frame to the other. They are what hold up the box spring and the mattress. You can apply force to the slats to investigate if they are causing the squeaking.

  • Wood rubbing opposed to wood will mostly cause squeaking.


Step 2 (Stopping the Squeaking):

  1. Get the right tools for bed frame:

You need to have the right tools for the section of the bed frame you intend to work on. Check to ensure what is holding the bed frame together on the site the squeaking is coming from. If it is a screw, take a screwdriver (matching-size). If it is a bolt, you need to have a wrench to fix it.

  1. Tighten the joint:

Now you need to tighten then joint of the bed frame that is squeaking. Most often bed frame is squeaking due to a loose joint. Before you disassemble the bed frame, try to tighten any screws and bolts in the spot the squeaking is coming from. When you cannot turn them anymore, you will know they are tight enough.

  1. Use a washer:

If you are having the problem with tightening a bolt, you need to use a washer. Place a washer in within the frame and the bolt to fill in space, if you cannot get a bolt to tighten all the way up against the frame.

  1. Take apart the joint:

If the squeaking persists take apart the joint. You need to lose and remove the bolts or screws that hold the joints together by using the necessary tools. Put the loose screws or bolts in a plastic bag as you do not lose them. Detached the two pieces of the bed frame that repair the joint.

  1. Lubricate each component:

Lubricate each material of the attachment. Use a lubricant to any area where both parts of the attachment come into contact, together with any hooks, fasteners, or flat areas. There are some excellent lubricants you can try are:

  • Paraffin: Paraffin is a viscous element. It comes in a bar type, and it easy to use on exteriors.
  • WD-40: WD-40 is known as a spray of lubricant. If you have metal bed frame, you will find it helpful. But one downside is WD-40 dries out after a bit.
  • Candle wax: Try using candle wax if you never have the understanding to a store purchased lubricant. Use the candle wax on like you would with different waxy lubricant.
  • White grease or siliconized lubricant: Buy white grease or a siliconized lubricant from any hardware store. Use it to the joint materials to keep the squeaking at bay.
  1. Reassemble the bed frame:

Hold all of the bolts and screws you removed and tighten them by using the right tools. Ensure they are tightened all the way so you never by chance cause more squeaking to happen.

  1. Check the squeaking sound:

Now you need to listen to observe if the squeaking is over. Move back and forth the bed and take a look at if you can still hear squeaking. If the squeaking insists, try to identify where it is coming from. If it is coming from another joint than the one you walked on, repeat the same ways you did for the other attachment. Try tightening the screws or bolts holding the attachment together some more, if the squeaking is coming from the same joint.


Step 3 (Trying a Quick Fix):

  1. Line the slats:

Apply the old clothes to line the slats on the bed frame. You can also use old shirts or socks that you do not wear anymore. The cloth will stop the mattress or box spring from rubbing against the bed frame and squeaking.

  1. Use a cork to fill in gaps:

If you own a wooden bed frame, you can use cork to fill in gaps. Inspect the bed frame for any areas where the box spring or mattress could potentially move and rub against the frame. Insert cork into the gaps as each material of the bed is firmly in place.

  1. Slip a towel:

Under any rough legs on the bed frame slip a towel. If the leg does not touch the floor, it is rough. Place a towel in the space between the floor and the leg, so the bed frame does not wobble and make squeaking.

  1. Put a book under the mattress:

Near the origin of the squeak place a book under the mattress. If the origin of the squeak is another slat, remove the box spring and the mattress and put a book on the squeaking slat. Move the box spring and mattress back onto the bed frame.



Squeaking can lead to discomfort and severely affect your sleep. A squeaking bed frame is disturbing and can keep you awake for half the night. Choosing a bed frame with squeaking can cause back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain and cause extreme discomfort.

So it is significant to solve this problem as early as possible. I hope after following the step mentioned above by step procedures you can successfully overcome the issue how to fix a squeaking bed frame. Hope you enjoy a sound sleep at night without a Squeaking noise.

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