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Full Bed Frame

Everybody on this earth wants and deserve a nice and peaceful sleep. What if you find that type of bed frame that transform your bedroom and sleep into the magical wind? Then green forest full bed frame is giving you that kind of peaceful sleep. After passing a very busy and stressful day this bed frame gives you a high level of satisfaction sleep. This bed frame will surely give you amazing sound and flexible sleep that you really wanted.

So do you need to purchase a bed? And want to purchase from online? If your answer is yes and new to online purchase, then I try to provide you a good suggestion that will help you by placing an order. And it is really tough to choose which one will be best for you because your bed is not only a furniture that only used for sleeping rather than it’s a spotlight for your bedroom.

In the market, there are several prices and sizes bed is available. After giving the best time of researching on searching hundreds of best models from an online store I will provide your suggestion that you can purchase green forest black bed frame. It provides you a various specification and features that include high-quality components also. Now here I explain you full-size bed frame stable metal slat support.

Some Features OF Full Bed Frame


This metal bed frame full size is pretty much unique design and good quality that really increase the beauty of your bedroom. As it has no box spring and it has enough space under the bed frame that you can easily keep your room neat and clean. It looking is very classical and elegant. It is perfectly designed for any bedroom. Its design makes your sleeping environment noise free and soundless that you may feel really comfortable. It headboard style is very much classical that perfectly fit your bedroom. Its unique headboard and footboard design create an elegant and warm feeling that is suitable for you and your home.

Construction Materials


This comes in 100% steel frame that increases the mattress life and prevents sagging. It also makes the frame stronger and durable. Full bed frame also sturdy bed frame. Its material type is metal and steel. It included the only headboard that no box spring needed. It has some screws and bolts for joint their several parts. This bed frame will transform your sanctuary and revitalize. Affordable mattress support system and metal construction are comfortable and convenient. For adjusting your sleeping position and to fit your body the metal can curve downwards.Full Bed Frame

Awesome Finishing

Finishing is very much significant for any types of furniture. The resistant power and durability depend on the attribute of the finishing modules. Higher the finishing attributes are, higher the resistance power. It guards the furniture against outside temperature and wetness. These provide more stable power than any other beds in the market.

Size and color

Basically, it comes in two sizes one is Twin and another one is Full. The full bed frame has a classic design, modern and simple looking. Its product dimension is 78-inch length* 55.5 inches’ width and 12.6 inches Height. This product weight is 41.8 pounds. It comes only one black color.

Easily assemble

It is very much easy to assemble and set up process is so much easy. anyone can easily set up within half hour time duration. Because it comes with easy installation guide. Easily put together all the parts.

Holding Capacity


This full bed frame made up of a strong steel frame, a middle support beam and sleet legs that included extra side legs. For this reason, it can hold up to 400 pounds per side easily.


This full bed frame is very much durable and is made of steel with ultimate strength. And it comes into 10 legs that provide it safe and modern design. And the whole structure secures crossbar that under the frame.

Affordable Pricing

Its price is very good according to its quality. You can have this product only on $84.99 at amazon store. And if you are a premium member then you will get an offer while purchasing.


Another eye-catching feature of this low profile bed frame is noise free. The manufacturer provides extra care to the overall design that retains the frame remains silent and makes a sound environment for the sleeper.

 Space efficient

It has enough storage space almost 11 inches underneath for easy storage. You can put there your boxes, toys, quilts, and clothes. Easy clean your underneath.

Resistance ability

This frame is made of high-quality metal powder that protects your bed from all types of environmental protection. Whilst the bed provides anti-sun, dust, and water.

Package included

This package included all parts needed and all tools. You will get a carton. And inside the full instruction installation guide and also a poly bag included. All components properly managed and screw also involves. And you do not need a box spring with this full bed frame.

Warranty & Support

When you purchase this product you will have five years’ warranty and lifetime support. If any undesirable thing happens during this time period, you will definitely get free service.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then the shipment will be free, and order will deliver to your door within four days.

 Specification of a full bed frame

                 ● Black metal frame.

                 ● A small box of pieces.

                 ● No box spring

                 ● Black stylish headboard and footboard.

                 ● 11” under bed storage.

                 ● Product dimension is 78*55.5*12.6 (L*W*H)

                 ● Steel body frame.

                 ● Imported from the USA

Pros and cons

This black bed frame has some pros and cons. That is given here-


             Easily put together all the parts within 30 minutes’ time duration.

           Very comfortable and well made.

           Very much sturdy.

           Simple and unique design.

           Frame and price are

           Super functional bed frame.


          ⊗ The headboard is weak that do not have good enforcement.

          ⊗ This doesn’t come with sofa bed style.

Brand Preference

The main manufacturer of this full bed frame is Green forest. This is very trustable and profound brand in the market of beds. Besides metal slat support beds, they are highly expert in bedding textiles & mattress, making bed bases other furniture. They always focus on high-quality finishing and creative design. This keeps them always on the top list of the buyer’s preferences.

Reason for choosing


The reason we prefer the full-size bed frame because it comes with stable metal slat support. And compatible with any mattress. This is very sturdy and powerful with 11 inches long supportive 10 legs. Its solid structure and great mattress support give you a high level of satisfaction.

 Product User Guide

There is two size bed available on the market. Here I include some product using a guideline for the buyer.

         ● Assembly is easier so it takes less than an hour for assembling.

          It provides black headboard and footboard. You can customize easily anytime.

         ● This full bed frame only cost $84.99. So while purchasing compare it with other brands.

         ● Check the body materials of the bed.

Final Verdict

Though it got a few objections from the customer you read each and every features this bed deals you. So it includes very good looks design. And definitely, it makes a good impression on your guests. Whenever you want you would love to place it anywhere in your room. And if you are looking for interior bedroom decoration and want to redesign perfectly for your bedroom this product surely helps you because of It already gain a great customer feedback from Amazon.  And this shipment is very much quick.


Finally, I can provide a suggestion that this is the best bed frame in the market from thousands of brand options. It fulfills your requirements and obviously budget friendly. So it is a wise decision you can make a try at purchasing this.  You can feel free to comment if you have anything to say about this product after purchasing or share your experience that you gather from your online purchasing.


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