Glideaway X-Support Full Size Box Spring Bed Frame Support System Bed Foundations Reviews

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full size box spring bed frame

Are you looking for full size box spring bed frame? Do I need a queen box spring bed frame for my Mattress?90% of all people asked this question at least once during bed shopping. And for good reason. Box Springs is a multi-million dollar industry offering different sizes of bed frames. Appreciating and understanding bed frames is easy enough to do once one realizes how truly important these frames have been in helping people enjoy more and better sleep as they came into being all those years ago.

A bed frame seems to be the main foundation that helps to hold the mattress or the mattress spring box off the ground level.Also, frames can be constructed by using a wide variety of components. Most often they are made up of metal or wood. It is composed of many different pieces, including headrails, side rails, and foot rails.There are different sizes of bed frames are also available online on websites. They found in different quality, type and company and that are available under the same roof so that the customers can compare each

Let’s have a discussion about this full size box spring bed frame.

What is about full size box spring bed frame?

Nowadays (last 15 years), the mattress has been made 50% heavier and almost 45% thicker than the past. It implies that the need of the complete support the mattress has become even greater.

In truth, inappropriate support is the vital cause of mattress failure. This is why; mattress manufacturers are now invalidating their warranties if the mattress is not completely supported.

There are different products that can be utilized to support a mattress. Below I will discuss briefly the full size box spring bed frame which is manufactured by Glideaway. It guarantees you a sound asleep while making every shilling count.

What are some features and Specifications of queen box spring bed frame?

A full size box spring bed frame is used as a bed base to not only adjust the bed but also offer more support to the sleeper. The top-notch features and specifications of this bed frame make it different from the others in the market. Let’s take a look at the awesome features and specifications of this box spring bed frame.

Specification and features of this king box spring bed frame:

 Sizes: It fits the following sizes that are available: California King, King / Eastern King, Queen and Double / Full.

Weight: The weight of this bed frame is 25.8 pounds. When it is shipped it weighs 25.4 pounds.

 Dimension: The dimension of this product is about 43.3 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches.

full size box spring bed frame

 Manufacturer: This  Bed Foundation is manufactured by Glideaway.

Highlighted features:

         ● Strong Center Support Base

         ● Fit for Queen and King Mattress

         ● Free shipping

Glideaway  Bed Foundations reviews:

The  Bed Foundations are higher than any other types of bed frames. They do a quality job of absorbing body weight and impacts.

The mattress will last longer when the extra pressure is transferred from the mattress to box spring bed frame. This queen box spring bed frame/king box spring bed frame provides you much needed support. It also helps to prevent sagging and assisting to distribute the body weight equally across the mattress.

Let’s see the features of this full size box spring bed frame given below:

Durable construction:

The X-Support Bed Frame comes with a durable construction with a unique center support system. It can cover the overall box spring and mattress.Furthermore, this bed frame is not going to break and no longer sinks in the middle. It features a solid steel construction.

Universal fit:

It is designed to be easily installed and suitable for your Full, King, California King or Queen sized bed. This works best with your Box Springs, Mattresses, and Foundations.This is also compatible with metal, iron, steel and wood bed frames. It helps to improve your sleep and save your bedding. So you can buy this bed frame.

full size box spring bed frame

Easy to use:

This type of bed frame (queen box spring bed frame/king box spring bed frame) comes with easy and clear instruction to use.It has pre-drilled holes which allow you to easily adjust the cross slates to your mattress applying the included screws. It also protects your side rails from bending or bowing.

Great purchase with the money:

It is a great product for the money. It protects your bedding investment and makes sure a sound sleep at night. Therefore, it gives you a peace of mind with super strength.

Warranty and Support:

It is a great product and able to get the warranty information on the manufacturer’s website. You can also contact the seller directly to know details about the warranty information.

It provides you a great support while you set up your mattress at this queen box spring bed frame.

Customer Reviews 

Every Amazon product has customer reviews and ratings. This full size box spring bed frame has also reviews and ratings too.

Most of the customer found this queen box spring bed frame as a good frame which fits any type of mattress. They find it is strong and durable enough that makes no squeaking noise.

However, some users find negative views where the use of king box spring bed frame, in general, is not for them.

Shipping policy:

The  Bed Foundations by Glideaway is a family-owned company in the USA. It is well renowned due to its innovative and quality sleep products and manufactured over 50 years for their customers.

This item is not eligible for international shipping. You will get your products within 5-8 business days if the products are available to ship.  Most noteworthy, it also offers free shipping on cost.


              It provides strong support for beds

              It is easy to use

              Easy to move too

              It has no longer squeaks

               No longer sags in the middle

              Worked best for a full size metal bed frame


           ⊗ Assembly instructions are a little short

          ⊗ Ill-fitting that broke quickly

Why Best Use For?

The full size box spring bed frame is ideal for many of us. The users like this queen box spring bed frame/king box spring bed frame by Glideaway because of some specific reasons. These are:

This is an excellent support frame which is cheap

This is great as it is moved to a different location

It is very sturdy and not too difficult to put together

Fast and free shipping

Quality built with solid steel

It is very secure while fitting


In conclusion, when considering the buy of a bed and its frame, it is always best to know a few facts and features of bed frames. I hope after revising this article you will able to get an accurate idea which bed frame you need. The quality bed frame provides you a quality sleep.

The full size box spring bed frame by Glideaway maybe the quality one that is really well made for your mattress. The box spring bed frame is probably the most versatile since you can place any type of mattress directly on it.

Both queen box spring bed frame and king box spring bed frame is made to keep a mattress or bed rail set secure and off the floor, at a minimum, and it succeeds quite well at this.

So, thank you for reading this article. Feel free to ask us, and we will ensure to reply your questions as soon as possible.




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