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Are you ready to redecorate your bedroom? Or have you decided to upgrade your bedroom with queen size metal bed frame? If so, go for it! But here is a question why? Well, the queen metal bed frame seems to be the perfect size for your average bedroom. You can readily find the accessories quite fit with this queen size bed frame you possibly desire! Nowadays, there are plenty of styles of queen platform bed frame on the market. A queen bed may be too big for you depending on your needs and the space available in your bedroom.

A queen bed can feel like you are miles apart from each other (if you have an important other). Many of us want to decorate their bedroom and like to make it looks presentable. This is why they buy a bed frame to set their mattress on. Considering all these things we are here to highlight the queen metal bed frame. In this article, we will discuss  Queen Metal Bed and its reviews for 2018. Let’s take look at the overall discussion given below.

What is about queen size metal bed frame?

A bed frame not only gives your mattress a great support and foundation but also it decorates your home as well.

This is why; it is significant to buy the top rated bed frame that will suit all of your desires. Though bed frame comes in different sizes we are here for the queen size bed frame. Well, many of us prefer the queen size metal bed frame because it offers a huge sleeping area without taking enough space in the room. In truth, a queen platform bed frame can snugly accommodate more than a few people. It is convenient for the others to accommodate a fewer people. But before taking the final decision, we advise that you can review our guideline to have enough information on what you need to know about a queen metal bed frame.

What are some features and Specifications for queen size metal bed frame?

The features and specifications are the most significant consideration that helps to give you the proper knowledge about the products you want to purchase. The queen platform bed frame has a variety of handy features. All these features and specifications are closely made this bed frame extremely user-friendly to the consumers.  Today, I will discuss all the features and specifications of this queen bed frame.

Specification and features of this queen platform bed frame:

            Weight: The weight of this metal bed frame is 89 Pounds. When it is shipped the weight becomes 72.8 pounds.

           Product Dimensions: The dimension of this bed frame is 87 x 65 x 55.8 inches.

            Size and color:  This bed frame is queen size. It is Antique Pewter in color.

Highlighted features:queen metal bed frame

           ● Stylish arched shape with fine castings

           ● Antique pewter finish

           ● Constructed of tubular steel

 queen metal bed frame, Antique Pewter reviews:

The queen size metal bed frame is higher than any other types of bed frames. They do an excellent job of absorbing body weight and influences. This bed frame provides you much needed support. queen platform bed frame has designed their Smart Base for purposes of providing consumers with a cheap, yet dependable choice for a bed foundation. It has some first-class features that are given below.

Let’s dive into the features of this  Antique Pewter bed frame given below:

Strong support for beds:

It features an excellent support for your bed rail or mattress. It is designed to protect your mattress from damaged. Also, it features steel made frame which supports your bed, foundation, and bedding greatly.

Durable construction:

The queen size metal bed frame comes with a durable construction with a heavy duty center support system. It can cover the overall bed rail and mattress. In addition, this bed frame is no longer sinks in the middle and not going to break. It features an extremely solid steel construction. This queen platform bed frame came packaged well and everything is closely labeled including the washers and screws.

Plenty of space:

The queen bed frame is not only very sturdy but also longer than a standard queen bed frame. This type of bed frame will definitely exceed your expectation.

Well built queen size metal bed frame :

It seems to be a quality bed frame which is very attractive than any other bed frame around the market. This is built with very good materials. It can weigh enough pounds which are made to carry weight.

Easy to put together:

The queen platform bed frame is very easy to put together. It comes with an easy to follow instruction. You can easily put the nut and bolt as it is leveled clearly with the bed frame. It just takes a little time to assemble.

 Great purchase with the money:

It seems to be a great bed frame for the money. It saves both of your time and money and offers you a sound sleep. Also, it gives you a peace of mind with great strength. This queen size metal bed frame looks beautiful which is structurally sound.  It also ensures that there is no squeaking sound thus far.


The queen size metal bed frame looks really gorgeous than any other frame on the market. Kit features even dark color which is pretty. It is easily adjusted to your small bedroom.

Decorate your bedroom:

The metal explaining an antique pewter finish will make your bedroom a stylish look. It comes with footboard, headboard, rails, slats and support legs.

Warranty and Support:

The warrants its metal bed frame to be free from defects in material and workmanship and guarantees to remedy any such difficulty. It covers 1 year of warranty from the date.

Customer Reviews 

Every Amazon product has customer ratings and reviews. This queen size metal bed frame has also reviews and ratings too. Most of the customer found this queen metal bed frame as a better frame which fits any type of bed rail or mattress.  However, some customers find negative views where the use of queen bed frame, in general, is not for them.

Shipping policy:

This type of metal bed frame is not eligible for international shipping. You can just ship this product to the neighboring 48 United States. It can also ship this item to Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories.

Pros:queen metal bed frame

             Easy to assemble

             Solid construction

             Very strong metal bed frame

             Features an easy to follow the instruction

             Free shipping on first delivery


          ⊗ A little large size than the standard queen size bed frame

          ⊗ The heavy but traditional timepiece

Why Best Use For?

The queen size metal bed frame is ideal for many of us. The users like this queen size bed frame by because of some specific reasons. These are:

            ● It features an excellent support for your mattress

            ● This is easy to move from one place to other

            ● It features well made and easy to put together

            ● Free and fast shipping

            ● Built with metal

            ● It is very safe while fitting


Finally, when you consider buying a queen size metal bed frame, it is nice to know some facts and features of bed frames. I hope after reading this guide you will able to get an idea which bed frame might be best for you. The quality bed frame always offers a sound sleep to their users. The queen bed frame by seems to be the quality one that really suits your needs. It is possibly the most versatile since you can place any type of mattress on it.

So, thank you for reviewing this article. Don’t be hesitate and feel free if you have any questions. Just let me know the queries and I will try to answer all of the questions here.

If you find this article valuable, then try to deal it with your friends as I am sure that they would choose to read about it.

Thanks for staying with us ‘til the end of this guide! You can leave your comment below. Buy!




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