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metal platform bed frame

Hello, you are welcome to my website. If you are looking for a smart metal platform bed frame, then you are here at the right place.

I have researched my best to provide you with the most informative guide with honest and exact information relating to the best twin platform bed frame by Classic Brands.

I have spent plenty of hours in providing you with this information, so I do hope you find it convenient.

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Now that you have decided on a metal platform bed frame, you need to take the time to consider the bed frame.

After all, selecting the best metal platform bed frame can not only keep you more comfortable, but it can also extend the life of your bed.

Here is the overall information about platform Metal Bed Frame and its review.

What is about metal platform bed frame?

The metal platform bed frame provides your bedroom a very stylish and modern look. It is a part of the very popular style furniture range. This platform bed frame may be just what you are looking for to add style to your bedroom.

This storage bed frame seems to be a very good addition to any home that really lacks in size. The best thing about this platform bed frame is that it can hold mattress and box spring.

In truth, a twin platform bed frame can snugly accommodate more than a few people. This is convenient for the others to allow some people.

It provides a comfortable rest for a couple. It also has plenty of features that make this product even better than before. Let’s discuss the features are given below:metal platform bed frame

What are some features and Specifications for storage bed frame?

The specifications and features are the most significant consideration that helps to give you an accurate knowledge of the bed frames you want to buy.

The twin platform bed frame has a variety of handy features. All these features and specifications are possibly made this bed frame extremely user-friendly to the users.

Today, I will discuss all the features and specifications of this Hercules Heavy-Duty Platform Metal Bed Frame.

you can read  the difference between a platform bed and a regular bed

Specification and features of this metal platform bed frame:

Weight: The item weight and shipping weight of this product is 23.9 pounds.

Dimensions: The dimension of this product is 75 x 39 x 13 inches.

Size: It is twin size of the bed frame.

Highlighted features:

                  ● Steel Frame Foundation

                  ● Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

                  ● Mattress Foundation

                  ● Twin platform bed frame

                  ● Sturdy construction and very durable

                  ● Ships small parcel

                  ● Caps on legs to protect your floor

metal platform bed frame reviews:

The metal storage bed frame is best than any other types of bed frames. They do an amazing job of absorbing your body weight. This Platform Metal Bed Frame by Classic Brands provides you much needed support.

Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed frame engineers their Bed frame for purposes of providing users with a cheap, yet reliable choice for a bed foundation.

It has some top-notch features that are given below. Let’s take a look at the features of this Platform Metal Bed Frame given below:


The metal platform bed frame by Classic Brands is a heavy duty steel frame.metal platform bed frame


It can support any types of mattress or bed rails. It increases the longevity of your mattress and prevents sagging as well.

Modern look:

This metal platform bed frame replaces the traditional box spring and gives your bed a modern look. It features more room for under bed storage (13 inches of ample storage space).

Headboards and footboards:

The headboards and footboards brackets of this metal platform bed frame are sold separately. It looks more innovative bed frame from classic brands.


This metal bed frame works great with latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses. It is available in all standard sizes of mattress.

The twin platform bed frame has a smooth and contemporary look while providing the extreme allover support for your mattress with 12 points of contact to the floor.

Easy to assemble:

This storage bed frame for classic brands is extremely easy to set up or assemble. You can just put it together within minutes. Don’t need any additional tools to install this metal platform bed frame.

Steps to Assemble:metal platform bed frame

               ● Take all materials out of the box and place them on the floor

               ● Flatten each half and lay flat

               ● Lift up all 6 legs to the upright location

               ● Every four end legs have individual support tools

               ● Flip the base over to stand upright

              ● Position the 2 halves jointly with keyhole locked in place

              ● Put your bed rail or mattress on top and enjoy

Great for the money:

Are you looking for a quality bed frame under your budget limit? The metal platform bed frame is great for the price. The customers are very happy with the price limit of this bed frame.

Warranty and Support:

You can request the manufactures warranty of this storage bed frame from classic brands from customer service. It has an excellent customer service and it is available 7 days a week.

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Every Amazon product has customer reviews and ratings. This metal platform bed frame has also reviews and ratings too.

Most of the user found this twin platform bed frame as a quality frame which fits any type of mattress. They find it is steady and no squeaking noise.

However, some consumers find negative views where the use of storage bed frame, in general, is not for them.

Shipping policy:

This twin platform bed frame is able to Ship small parcel in a compact package. The Classic Brands does not ship their product internationally.

It ships separately according to your order. Also, shipping charges will not apply.


               Heavy-duty steel frame constructionmetal platform bed frame

               Height is also great for this bed frame

               Great bed frame at the price

               Quality is very good and user-friendly

               Simply unfold the two halves

               Plenty of storage space underneath

               Good for occasional use

               It is lightweight to transport


             ⊗ A little squeaking at the slightest movement

             ⊗ It does not remain flat

Why Best Use For?

The metal platform bed frame is the best choice for many of us. The users like this platform bed frame by classic brands because of some specific reasons. These are:

            ● This is an outstanding metal platform bed frame

            ● It is an excellent buy for the money

            ● This bed frame is easy to assemble

            ● Fast shipping and shipping charges will not apply

            ● Quality built with enough storage


The metal platform bed frame seems to be the most popular nowadays. They are user-friendly, sophisticated and provide your bedroom a modern look!

This heavy duty bed frame is very easy to carry especially when you are going for an outside tour.

It recognizes as one of the best metal platform bed frames around the market. Unlike other, this twin platform bed frame comes with a hassle-free assembling and shipping.

So you can simply rely on this storage bed frame to get the ultimate comfort.



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