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box spring metal bed frame queen

Do you need a new innovated metal bed frame? Get a box spring metal bed frame queen by Best Price Mattress. Bed frames are known as the most significant pieces of furniture found in the bedroom. They are important to the overall health of every person from young to old, though they are rarely seen. The human body does not fare well without a sound sleep. An uncomfortable sagging bed seems to be a great reason that does not help you to have a sound sleep. At that point, the bed frame especially a metal bed frame plays an important role to fit your bed completely with the surface and offers a sleepy environment for you.

And the New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame by Best Price Mattress is such kind of frame that meets your needs completely. In this article, you will get all about this queen size box spring bed frame its reviews. Read on.

What is about a new innovated box spring metal bed frame queen?

Metal Bed Frame is by far one of the most important tools that your bed needs. Box spring metal bed frame queen offers both a modern and trendy look, so they are ideal for enhancing any style of bedroom decor. Whether you need a considerable look or something more subtle, the queen size box spring is the right one for your ultimate comfort. A queen size bed in a box is perfect for a person who is into fashion and styles. It is one of the versatile furniture that gives your bedroom an elegant look. Let’s take a look briefly at this product below.

What are some features and Specifications of bed in a box Spring Metal Bed Frame?

The features and specifications are the most important consideration that helps to give you the ultimate knowledge about the products you want to buy. The box spring metal bed frame queen has a variety of handy features. All these features and specifications are closely made this bed frame extremely popular with the consumers.

Today, I will discuss all the features and specifications of this queen size box spring bed frame.

Specification and features of this queen size box spring:

Sizes:  This item is queen size. But the available sizes are given below:

          ● Twin (75″ x 39″ x 14″)

          ● Full (75″ x 54″ x 14″)

          ● Queen (80″ x 60″ x 14″)

          ● King (80″ x 76″ x 14″)

          ● California King (84″ x 72″ x 14″)

Weight: The weight of this product is about 44.7 pounds. It is about 44.7 pounds when it is shipped.

Dimension: The dimension of this product is 41.5 x 30.8 x 6.6 inches.

Manufacturer: This product is manufactured by Best Price Mattress.

Item model number: the Item model number is N-BPM-SB-14Q.

box spring metal bed frame queen

Highlighted features:

          ● Easy to assemble

          ● 100% steel construction

          ● 14″ High-Storage space

          ● 2 Brackets for headboard/footboard

          ● Free shipping

The box spring metal bed frame queen by Best Price Mattress reviews:

The queen size of the metal bed frame is now the top choice for many of us. Getting a bed in a box ensures that you have a much more reputable design that you will enjoy for a long since.

Materials & design:

This box spring metal bed frame queen is made of 100% stainless steel which features a durable, strong and sturdy surface for your mattress or bed rail. It is also engineered and designed to protect your mattress and assured a superior support than other box spring.

Easy to put together:

It is also very easy to put together. It will take not too much time or additional tools to set up this bed in a box.


This metal bed frame comes with 100% stainless steel construction. It comes with two pcs of corner brackets needed for headboard attachment.

Convenient and comfortable:

This queen size box spring offers you a convenient and comfortable support for your mattress. It provides you enough storage space found in the traditional box springs and frames.

Warranty and Support:

You can directly contact the seller about the warranty issue. Also, visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about warranty and support.

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Every Amazon product has customer reviews and ratings. This box spring metal bed frame queen by Best Price Mattress also has reviews and ratings too. Most of the customer found this bed in a box as a good frame which fits any mattress. They find it is steady and there is no squeaking noise. However, some users find negative views where the use of queen size box spring bed frame, in general, is not for them.


         Provides great support for any mattress

box spring metal bed frame queen

         Height is great

         Storage underneath is even better

         Easy to put together

         Enhance your bedroom look

         It is great for the money


         ⊗ A little squeaky but not too high

         ⊗ It takes 30 minutes to assemble


Finally, this box spring metal bed frame queen comes with good quality, and you don’t need another box spring or frame. It ensures you an excellent transaction all the way around.This queen size box spring would be a great buy for the money. Overall, it is a great choice I recommend you to buy one .Do you want to buy this box spring metal bed frame queen stated above? If you did, please share with us your experience you got after using this bed in a box mentioned above here. Your experience might be worthy of us.

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