Do You Need A Box Spring With A Bed Frame?


With the inception of the foam bed/mattress within the sleep artistry, I do not take long to let you know the need for a more supportive foundation to keep your bed/mattress sleeping right.  Go through a platform bed; a bed uses either a slatted or solid surface to provide the right base for all bed choices.

Because of their construction, the necessity for more classic bed supports no longer required, but yet many people still love hybrid and innerspring mattress choices. This makes you surprising do you need a box spring with a bed frame?

The ultimate answer is no; you do not need to use a box spring, even if the use of one, based on your mattress structure. The causing and statement of this are detailed below which will help you to decide what is best for your bed/mattress.


What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a classic innerspring coil bed support that is made of a wooden frame with either metal rods or springs to help keep your mattress feeling like it should. It is usually the similar size of your bed and is often sold as a set to assist keep up the mattress and make it long lasting. Also, it promotes the mattress to a height that makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

This type of support also holds particular bed types under warranty as beds do have specific care requirements. By creating or compressing uncomfortable bed sinks to keep them from wearing unevenly, a base keeps your mattress evenly under your weight.


What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a nonclassic and low profile bed frame. Always they place just a foot off the ground and use either a solid or closely slatted surface to provide support to your bed. They are legal options for memory foam bed and have become familiar because of the increase of memory foam used in bed structure. Platform beds are the right solution for foam bed/mattress needs a very supportive base.

The platform bed was very simple to design: clean lines, using angular and either white or black styles or natural wooden color for décor marching without any headboards or footboards. Nowadays, the latest styles have higher profiles, built-in storage, and the point to add headboard or footboard. They become very popular and meet the needs of different kinds of consumer’s choices.


Do you need a box spring with a Platform bed frame?

The platform bed is made to provide the right support for your foam mattress and keep it under warranty. They are perfect for this type of mattress. Any mattress can be placed on a platform bed surface due to their supportive nature, even those that need a box spring except the use of a box spring.

The platform bed is thought as standalone support for your bed/ mattress.  It can save your both time and money as well. Due to the extra cost of this sort of support, there is no longer required for the use of a platform, and you can use that money for different purposes. Also, you don’t need to deal with then the extra bulk of a box spring and can take benefit of storage platforms.


Can I Use a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

If you need a mattress that so far has this sort of base, or you were needed to buy one with your new bed because of warranty issues, you may surprise if you can use a box spring with a platform bed. The answer to this question is yes. Obviously, you can use as the platform bed provides enough support for anything you place on it, but you may desire to think about a few points before placing it into use.

To begin, the use of a box spring with a platform will increase the bed profile. In different cases, this may be advantageous, mainly since a platform bed mostly has a low profile to start with and may be too low for support. But while a platform bed is made to work without the requirement of different type of support as they were made to address the needs of mattress/bed that are unable to use a box spring.

If this is the fact, by increasing the profile of the mattress, you may cover up any headboard or footboard that is part of then the bedroom décor.

What if I already have a box spring?

If already anyone has a box spring, it possibly needs to be replaced. You run the risk of the box spring breaking or wearing down if you place a new mattress/bed on old box spring. Also, it causes a mattress to begin sagging. If it occurs, it can invalid mattress warranty.

Also, if your box spring is very old, it might be the old stretchy type and not be the newer base type of box spring. This will change how the bed feels.  Finally, you need to place a bed on something, and if it is not going through on the floor, platform bed, or power base, you need to have a new box spring.


We come to the end of our topic, “do you need a box spring with a bed frame.”The use of a box spring with your bed frame is ultimately a personal preference as long as you have a bed that is guessed to be supported by one.  Also, you can spend on a bunk board to take benefit of what a box spring has to offer.

But you need to use anything else with a platform bed for different causes other than personal – doesn’t matter what type of bed you have. They are made to work as a unique piece of bedroom décor to give all the support your bed/mattress need.

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