Why Do Beds Need Frames?


So why do beds need frames? Well, a bed frame may be an inessential cost, mainly when you think people can sleep in a bed without it. If not you are on a plan to move within the week, however, it is best to keep your bed in a frame.

The room under your bed allows strength to move around, offers durability, and is beneficial for storing blankets and pillows. In this article, we’ll let you know why do beds need frames. Continue to read.


The reasons why bed needs bed frame:

A bed is a piece of fittings which provides you with a comfortable space to sleep. But what makes it comfortable? Well, the answer is the bed frame. So let’s discuss why bed needs bed frame:

  1. Support for the Box Spring:

A mattress/bed does not provide the support you need to have to get a sound sleep at night. The bed or mattress requires fitting on a box spring, and many manufacturers make that an agreement of the warranty that they provide their products.

A box spring is made inside a wooden frame. Also, box springs are designed to help absorb shock as beds are so much thinner back then.

  1. Mattress stays in Place:

It is disturbing if you have your bed or mattress to be moved in a direction where it is should not be when you awaken in the morning. So you need to place it once again and by the time you are putting it, you’re15 minutes late to your work already.

By using a bed frame, mattress/bed is always staying in place as it is supported by the frame to stop it from moving in another direction.

  1. Dust Free and easy to maintain:

One of the most disturbing particles that you often remove every weekend is dust. Nevertheless, the mattress is suitable for collecting dust particles, and you cannot find any room under the bed. But using a bed frame for your bed makes it easier to clean your bed parts because of its spacious feature.

  1. An easy remedy for clutter:

Probably you are called by your friend saying you he is coming to you today and he is nearly at your gateway. So you will try to hide all the mess up in your bedroom anywhere. With bed frame, it would be easy to hide all the clutter under the bed frame area.

  1. Mold and Insect Control:

The space under a bed or mattress becomes a suitable place for insects and mold. But having a bed frame keeps your bed off the floor that stops this problem and also it makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

  1. Storage Space:

When you lift the mattress off the floor and place it in a frame, you will get a storage space. But it is not right to store books, clothes and metal objects under the bed. You can use this extra storage space under your bed for blankets, pillows and other furniture you used in your bed.

  1. Enhanced durability:

Beds or mattresses putting on the floor are exposed to point pressure of feet which breaks down the internal material.  As the bed frame helps to lift your mattress off the ground, by that means avoiding any pressure on it and lowering wear and tear.

  1. Enhanced freshness:

Keeping your bed lifted up makes sure circulation of air by the bed which assists in keeping freshness and a real feel of the components inside.

  1. Additional reasons:
  2. a) Tradition
  • It has been considering that in American or European style & culture for a long since
  • Customers attend to do things the way they have seen before
  1. b) It helps regulate temperature:
  • In summer, it helps you stay cool by passing air to move around under the bed
  • In winter, the floor is cold, so you do not want to sleep on it


The bed needs bed frames to reflect your personality:

Nearly a third of human beings lives are spent sleeping. Therefore, the bedroom must be a place of style, comfort which reflects the unique personality of the house owner. If the bedroom possesses utilitarian and cold feel, then your sleeping would not be peaceful, and you could not enjoy this time of rejuvenation and relaxation.

As much as the bed on which you sleep requires to be elegant and comfortable, the mattress frame is also significant both as a support for the mattress and to increase the style of the bedroom.


Choosing Bed Frames Online:

When you consider buying a new bed, you actually keep in mind a bed frame.  It is mentioned earlier that a bed frame is a frame where a mattress is placed. But when you have different types of bed, you need to have a bed frame that is right for your bed.

One of the easiest to buy a bed frame for your bed is online. There are available colors of bed frames out there; the most common colors of bed frames are black, brown, mahogany etc. Through online shopping, you can buy your desired bed frame easily from home which can save your both time and money.



So I hope you understand better why do beds need frames? The bed frame is indeed a significant part of a bed. Another way we can say that it is the foundation of a bed. You need to ensure that the bed frame that you choose is noiseless and strong.

Always buy a quality bed frame for your mattress because having a low standard bed frame can ruin your comfort. Hope you have a sound sleep with your bed and bed frame.

Feel free to ask us, and we will ensure to reply your questions as soon as possible. If you get all the questions that have in your mind and you discover this article valuable, then try to deal it with your friends as we are sure that they would choose to read about it. Thanks for staying with us.

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